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  • Sourabh, San Jose
    I would highly recommend COR, because of the following reasons:- 1) Dr. John is the best EVER 2) The atmosphere is very positive 3) Staff and management of COR is extremely professional If you are looking for the best place for rehabilitation and sports training, choose COR.
  • Carol, Sunnyvale
    COR helped my back go from excruciating pain to being able to hike and exercise again. I can't thank COR enough! If you're in pain, this is the first place to go!
  • Arkady, 2x Olympic Medalist
    I'd like to thank COR helping me with a shoulder injury I was dealing with for 6 months and I was amazed how quickly my shoulder pain was going away.
  • Sri, Sunnyvale
    COR is without a doubt one of the best things I have done for myself. I started COR 5 years back and since then I have pushed myself both physically and mentally to limits I could not imagine and I certainly have reaped the rewards. Dr. John, Chris and Mike are amazing, they encourage you every step of the way and they are so passionate in everything they do. With their help I am constantly re-evaluating and re-setting my goals to lose body fat and train harder to do events like Spartan race and half dome hike and marathons. Above all, COR is a community of people who support and encourage each other. It is fun to be part of COR group. Over the years this group have become my best of friends and part of my family.I recommend COR to anyone who wants to take the first step towards fitness or anyone who wants the challenge and push their limits, COR is a perfect place for you, where you are heard and helped by experienced coaches to set goals and successfully do it.
  • Felicia, 6x NCAA Champion
    COR really knows how the body works and after working with them, I had my best NCAA performances.
  • George Bovell, 5x Olympian and Olympic Medalist
    COR knows how to help World Class athletes feel better quick and efficiently, they are the best in the business.
  • COR offers a challenging workout taught by exceptional trainers. They are very good at helping you adjust your workout if you have injuries. If you have a fitness goal for yourself they'd love to help you meet it. COR is a great place to go to get in shape or stay in shape. I wish I could give them 10 stars.
    Peggy, Sunnyvale
  • I stopped by while walking around the kyo-po plaza one day. Their friendly front desk staff was what drew me in to try boot camp at the early hour of 7 am on a Saturday. It's not usual for me to wake up this early on Saturdays. Then I tried personal training for about 3 months and was impressed by the quality of both trainers and the flexibility of their schedule. Now I've finally signed up for 6:30 am boot camp classes which is a major accomplishment for me at this time of day. This is the friendliest, most encouraging gym I have ever experienced. The workouts are fun and make you both sweat and smile throughout the whole hour session. That is saying a lot for someone who formerly avoided gyms and would rather be walking around in nature for exercise and eating good food. By the way, they have that too! Hiking and organized meals builds great community here. I even tried massage once for chronic year-long TMJ pain and it was excellent. I'm still figuring this out so will let you know how regular massages help with my TMJ journey. Thanks for reading!

    Elaine, Sunnyvale
  • COR provides great workouts for all levels. I regularly attend one of the boot camps and have also used the physical therapy services. The workouts are adapted to meet your goals with a focus on building core strength at the beginning. The physical therapy is top notch; you won't find anyone better than Dr. John and Dr. Erin. It's a friendly place and Chris makes the 5:30am boot camp fun.
    Shirley, Sunnyvale
  • I don't usually write reviews but COR is great! I have been going off and on since May and I really appreciate the professional and friendly staff. My schedule is very fluid so I cannot always go to class but they're very understanding. Michael is very knowledgeable and a lot of fun to work with. He remains very patient about me giving him grief about how young he is and the bands he should be listening to. I am looking forward to my next visit.

    Kevin, Santa Clara
  • I've been going to COR for a few months now---started with a Groupon for the boot camp, and now I pay full price for personal training and the boot camp, which is saying something... I do personal training with Chris, who is awesome. And the personal training sessions are only $40 each, which is sort of unprecedentedly low price. He knows a ton about form (he's a professional, after all) and can troubleshoot all your muscular imbalances without you even telling him first. I also take boot camp about 3 days a week with Michael at 6:30pm. Those classes are full-body and really hit both the strength and the cardio. Michael is also really pleasant, and highly skilled as well. COR also has a nice community/team feeling, and everyone works hard, no matter what their fitness level is.
    Marta, Los Altos
  • Everybody at COR is very professional and knowledgeable in their areas. I usually go to a boot camp with Chris and had some physical therapy sessions with Dr John. My family get personal training and physical therapy as well. I have been a member of boot camp from the very beginning. There are many members like me at COR. You will find not only the best service but also the best community for your mental and physical health.

    Jo, Sunnyvale
  • What a great place to workout! The coaches are all very personable and fun to be around. They all have a physical therapy background so they really know how the body works from a scientific perspective. My workouts are tailored to my specific injuries, but they push you just enough that you realize you can always do more.  I've met some great people in my classes. I can't say enough about this place! Give it a shot. I know you will love it as much as me.

    Sharyl, Santa Clara
  • Kaila, Santa Clara
    I'm from Chico, California. I got to school at Santa Clara University where I'm studying marketing and retail studies. Some of my interests are hiking, kayaking, and watching Survivor. I love fitness because I love the feeling it gives me after. I always did distant running throughout high school and some through college. After I got injured, I searched Physical Therapy clinics near me. Once I came here, I loved how nice and personal everyone was and how they listened to me about my injury. In the storm term, I just want my leg to feel better so I can start running again to clear my mind. In the long run, I'd love to continue to do marathons again.
  • Psyching myself up to go to the gym can sometimes take the whole day! However, once I started going to Cor, I surprisingly found myself looking forward to my workout. Everyone is so positive, its infectious! The bootcamps are tailored to you, and allow you to go at your own pace. The coaches at Cor are great! They teach you the right techniques, and if you have an injury preventing you from certain movements, they will find alternative exercises that are just as challenging and will make you stronger. I have finally found a workout that works for me! March is awesome time to join the evening Bootcamp for some healthy competition with morning Bootcamp groups!

    Stuti, Santa Clara
  • What a great place to work out, an amazing fitness program that has helped me achieve my goals. The trainer Mike is a beast and he is always positive, helping people out when they need it.

    Pranav, Santa Clara
  • I wish I could give 10 stars because COR is awesome!  I always wanted to be a morning person but was horrible at it, until I joined COR.  This place has changed my life in so many ways 🙂 Now, I wake up before 5 am all the time, even without an alarm, to make it to the 530 am bootcamp class with Chris.  I love the group environment and feedback from the coaches.  Dr. John - the owner, all the coaches,  and the members make COR a great community.  They are always organizing things like Spartan races, hikes around the bay, group dinners, etc. with an open invitation to everyone.  You can tell Dr. John is really invested in his business and cares about his clients and how to provide the best training environment.  They sent a survey to all the members a few months ago and I complained about the yoga mats.  He sent me an email thanking me for being honest and asking how I thought we could improve the arrangement...and within a MONTH we had all new (way better) yoga mats hanging on the wall!  They are constantly improving the place and making our lives healthier!  Try COR and change your life!!!

    Viv, Santa Clara
  • Sharron, Santa Clara

    Dr. Erin Cameron is great, very helpful, knowledgeable and entertaining!! Shoulder pain was gone at the competition of physical therapy sessions.

  • After undergoing ACL and meniscus reconstruction 7 months ago, my hopes of returning to my previous swimming form were faltering. When I first came into COR 3 months post-op, my main source of frustration was the fact that I felt as though my doctor and the other physical therapists I had been seeing had inadequate knowledge of the subtle biomechanics and physical demands of swimming. Whereas they were primarily concerned merely with the return to everyday life and sport, Dr. Mullen shared my goal of coming back even stronger than I was before. I especially appreciated the fact that he was also able to provide me with insight on ways to improve my performance not directly related to my knee. Overall, I'm glad my knee injury brought me in to see him, because he has really impacted me with lots of new insight on my swimming. Plus, the front desk has made my experience as convenient as possible; they're always very helpful in setting up my appointments via email, which is a huge plus!
    Michael, Walnut Creek
  • I've been searching for an exercise program that works for me for quite some time, and I always end up dropping it because the people aren't friendly (or they're just really intimidating), or because the trainers have too many people in the class to watch for form and provide modifications for injuries. I'm probably like most people -- I can do basic cardio, but strength training and anything involving weights is kind of a mystery. After reading the reviews and learning that "bootcamp" is actually a more personalized training program and nothing like the cookie cutter programs you see early morning at the park, I decided to grab a Groupon and give COR a try. I'm REALLY happy that I did. I've been going 3x a week for almost 4 weeks, and I absolutely plan on signing up for a monthly membership. I usually hit up the evening class, since I like to sleep. On my first day, Mike talked to me about any injuries or medical conditions that require modifications, as well as my goals. He's continuously made sure I have proper modifications for my fitness level and injuries, and am using correct form throughout the class, just as he does others. Classes are filled with random banter, keeping things light, but encouraging. I often find myself laughing. Everyone, from the staff to the members, are super nice and welcoming, and not at all intimidating. I would definitely recommend COR to someone who is looking to start a fitness program but isn't a fan of the traditional gym (or is a bit scared of them).
    Stephanie, Santa Clara
  • I got a serious back pain last fall.  During my visit to COR,  Dr. John Mullen was very nice and professional.   He gave me not only a professional treatment, also teach me how to exercise and reduce my symptoms.  I had recovered soon after his treatment.  I would recommend COR.

    Jennifer, Los Gatos
  • I found COR late last year, and it has been a game changer for me and my health / fitness goals. I walked in expecting something like a militant crossFit type of environment, but it's not like that at all. Instead I found a really fun, inclusive group where I instantly felt welcome and comfortable.

    If you want to be fit, get strong, and  push yourself in a safe and supportive place, try COR!

    Jan, Campbell
  • I had really damaged my left and right knees from years of volleyball playing and skiing. I hired Chris Barber to help me work through my left and right knee pain for the last two years.  I worked out twice a week with Chris and also try to do similar exercises on other days.   My knees are not 100 percent recovered but now I can jog and ski without injuries.   Rather than doing surgery, I would recommend hiring Chris to help you strengthen your knees.

    Laura, San Francisco
  • Over the past 4 years, I have come to COR to see Dr Mullen for physical therapy and worked with Chris and Mike for personal training. With these 4 years of experiences, I can absolutely say that COR is the best. They are expert at what they do. Everyone at COR is friendly and you always see big smiles the moment you walk into the door. Dr. Mullen treated my shoulder issues and knee/hip injury caused by running. He quickly identified the problematic muscle groups and explained why I was having the pain. He corrected my running posture, gave me routines to warm up and warm down the specific muscles, and assigned simple exercises that focused on strengthening these muscles. I was able to get back to my normal routine quickly and also know how to prevent the injuries from happening again. Currently, my daughter and I have regular personal training sessions with Mike. Mike is full of energy and smile. The workouts are hard but fun. He pushes us to our limit but he always keeps an eye out for the correct form and posture so we are doing the exercises correctly, efficiently, and without risking injury.  After the hour is over, we are sweating and tired but feel great. As a bonus, Mike is a climber. There is a thick rope attached to the ceiling and he can teach you to climb. It's yet another way to make the work out fun and interesting. Last but not the least, my daughter attended the COR summer camp a few years ago run by Chris. She always came back tired but had tons of fun. And she was always looking forward to going back the next day. If you are looking for a physical therapist and/or personal trainers, I highly recommend you come to COR. You will not only find that your injuries and training needs are well taken care of, but you will also find some new friends there.
    Wayne, San Jose
  • Dr. John and Chris are absolutely phenomenal trainers; they are supportive, personable, and really guide you down the path to reaching your fitness goals. During the time I spent at COR, they helped me tone, tighten, and get into the best shape of my life...I couldn't be more thankful to these guys for all of their guidance and patience with me. The bootcamp classes that they offer are competitive-yet-fun, and really get you sweating. Plus, you get the opportunity to bond with a great group of people in the process. I highly recommend this gym to anyone willing to make a serious commitment to their personal health and fitness!

    Sara, Manteca
  • COR is the best local gym! I love all the trainers there-Chris and Mike make you work hard and make sure you always have the right form to prevent injury. Dr John is super nice and friendly. Love that they have morning boot camp so I can get my workout in before work begins. Love love love COR!

    Stina, Cupertino
  • I have been getting PT for a pulled hamstring for a couple of months now.  John has been outstanding!  The deep massage therapy he does has really relieved nearly all of the pain and he is also fun to talk to!  He follows up the session with PT exercises that really seem to have helped build up strength in the right areas as well as stretch stuff in the right places.  I would definitely recommend him and COR.

    Diane, Santa Clara
  • I would highly recommend COR to anyone looking for a great workout, friendly community and/or very knowledgable physical therapy. As a previous collegiate swimmer, and current open water swimmer, I've had consistent shoulder pain throughout my career. After trying to treat myself (without much education) and failing, it was time to commit to physical therapy. I've been receiving physical therapy treatments from Dr. John Mullen for this ongoing shoulder pain and can honestly say, these sessions have SAVED my shoulder and posture. With the insight and wisdom of CORs physical therapy sessions, I am now pain and stress free during my workouts and sitting all day at work. Not only am I pain free, I am able to use the knowledge that was provided in my sessions as self encouragement on a daily basis. COR is an open, friendly place where I always feel comfortable and treated with respect. Now that my shoulder is healed, I look forward to taking more of the bootcamp classes!
    Katey, San Jose
  • Let's start off with saying that I'm a bit bias because the staff at COR makes you feel like family. And it's hard not to love family. Here's the usual breakdown (+1) Dr. Mullen is very knowledgeable and truly cares about his patients and boot camp attendees. It's nice knowing that this is one of the few truly health-centered "gyms" I've been to. It's reassuring that techniques practiced have some scientific method behind them and not just propelled by the latest kale-eating-gluten-hating-raw-organic-money-makers. (+1) COR is friendly to people of any shape and any fitness level. I've met Olympic level-swimmers, fellow college students, and retired housewives who all have something to gain from this quaint gym. (+1) The boot camps are a blast! We do a wide mix of activities ranging from injury prevention to power lifting to cardio to fun workout "games". (+1) The instructors are amazing at fixing technique and monitoring form (health and safety at the CORe of it all!) (-1) Although there are other classes besides bootcamps, I wish there were more time-slots available for each class. It's still a smaller studio so a ramp-up in class availability would be great! Overall, it is a great, loving, and accepting group of athletes (all of us are athletes despite how fast we can go!) that will keep you engaged and motivated. NOTE: This is NOT a gym with ellipticals and treadmills. it is a place where you will sweat, laugh, (maybe cry) but ultimately come out feeling stronger and healthier.
    Olga, Cupertino
  • Dr. John helped me recover from my arm injury over the course of a couple months. Dr. John, as well as his intern and the staff, were all very nice, and I looked forward to every session. Highly recommend this place for physical therapy. I found out about this place through Yelp reviews, and I give it a definite 5/5, for anyone trying to decide where to go to get physical therapy.

    Kyle, Santa Clara
  • I've been training with Dr. John and Chris for almost two months and cannot recommend them highly enough.  I can honestly say that I look forward to every session.  They make sure I work hard and push myself, but in the best way possible.  In addition, they have a wide-range of clients, in terms of age, fitness level, and goals.  So, there's no concern about feeling comfortable or out of place. Some things that really make them standout compared to other trainers: 1) They are sticklers about form, which not only makes my workouts more effective but minimizes the likelihood of injury.  Dr. John and Chris have the expertise to instruct clients how to do big compound lifts safely, rather than wasting time on lots of machines or too much accessory work.  This is not something you will find in a lot of trainers, who either don't know how to teach these lifts or are afraid to do so. 2) They are incredibly organized, providing a spreadsheet of every exercise I will be doing over several weeks, so that we can keep track of my progress.  (And I've certainly made substantial progress in a short period of time.)  Trust me - this is a rarity. 3) Dr. John did an incredibly thorough evaluation session with me first, which was very helpful in terms of figuring out my strengths/weaknesses and tailoring my training plan. 4) Related to #3, they also really listened to my goals and ensured that my training plan helps me reach those goals.  My goals are more strength training and muscle-building focused.  And so we concentrate on mostly compound weight movements.  But this is not a cookie-cutter plan.  I've seen clients doing an incredible variety of types of training - higher rep weight training, endurance training, interval-type work, etc... Basically, COR (and Dr. John and Chris, specifically) has turned out to be everything I could have hoped for from a personal training experience.
    David, Santa Clara
  • I joined bootcamp program of COR and found it to be excellent fun filled program. The instructors John and Chris are very helpful and give good attention to individual's injuries. Each workout session is very intensive and compact, customized for each person. I would highly recommend this place.
    Govind, Campbell
  • Dr. John helped my daughter to fix her knee injury through physical therapy. We went to other places but didn't get much help. After participating the High School strength training program, my daughter fully recovered. Thank you Dr. John and Chris.

    George, Cupertino
  • John helped me to get back to normal physical activities when I was recovering from issues with my neck disks. He guided me step-by-step in building my muscle strength, and along the way he did manual adjustments of my spine when needed. It was a very rewarding and fun experience. I got my strength and confidence back, and I am very happy with the results. Thank you Dr. John!

    TK, Santa Clara
  • I have spent the better part of two years relying on Yelp to help me locate the best places in the south bay, but I have yet to leave a review. However, I feel that COR is certainly worth some words of recognition. I spent a good two months researching fitness programs in my area before I signed up for COR. The first day I walked in the door, I knew I had made the right decision. Both Coach Chris and Dr. John are incredibly knowledgable, and design workouts that are safe as well as effective and challenging. I came to COR with multiple rotator cuff injuries, and both Chris and John have provided me with the individualized attention I need, even while in a group setting. The other COR members keep me laughing throughout my workout, and I have met some truly wonderful people during my time with the group. Everyone was incredibly welcoming, and the comradery between the bootcampers has made my experience that much better. Dr. John and Chris not only get us in shape, but work hard to facilitate the COR community, with hikes, social gatherings, and even the occasional half marathon challenge. I am so grateful that I found COR, and I encourage anyone who wishes to make positive changes in their life to come check it out!

    Julia, Santa Clara
  • I have been a happy and enthusiastic member of COR's boot camp for over a year now!  Initially, I was hesitant because of injuries, lack of athleticism, and general weight issues.  My fear was that the workouts would exceed my skill and physical abilities.  However, a friend convinced me to try it for a month.  I loved it!  My body ached for weeks as Dr. John eased me into the habit of exercise, working on strength with weights and endurance with cardio workouts.  Both he and Chris continue to be careful and adjust the varying, daily workouts to best suit each member's ability.  After a year, I have almost reached my person weight loss goal and have set a new, lower goal.  My health is much improved and I feel great! The BEST part about COT is the friendships made during our workouts!!!  We encourage each other to attend boot camps, challenge ourselves to reach new goals, and look forward to seeing each other outside of camp.  COR has supported these new friendships by hosting monthly hikes, organizing "healthy" socials, planning group participation in local runs (5K, 10K & 1/2 Marathons), and by posting funny updates on Facebook (all with amazing photography!). Being a member of COR has been life changing for me - thank you!
    Amy, San Jose
  • COR is a great place to work out! Awesome staff and equipment. The workouts vary often so you get a great workout. HIIT and free weights. The people that go there are nice and friendly.

    Terry, Sunnyvale West
  • Awesome place...great coaches and personalized workouts!!! The workouts are safe and challenging and the coaches give feedback to improve posture and at the same time push your limits.

    Smitha, Santa Clara
  • BOOT CAMP: I've been going since 2012 and it has become a part of me. The trainers are terrific. Since being part of COR I've been able to run a half marathon, segments of the Big Sur marathon,  Half Dome, Mt Talac and prepared for Spartan races. They customize the workouts to manage my injuries and keep me challenged. The groups are very supportive and we laugh everyday.
    Katharine, Santa Clara
  • Amazing place for an amazing workout with amazing coaches!!

    Snehal, Santa Clara
  • I've been a part of COR for more than 5 years now. In that time I've been able to get into great shape at boot camp, see Dr. John in PT to help me through a back problem, do one on one personal training with Dr. John, then start training with Coach Chris and a group of friends, and bring 3 other family members into COR for PT with Dr. John and Dr. Erin. COR has become like family. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a physical therapist or physical trainer!

    Pilar, Santa Clara
  • Following a gym muscle strain in my lower back, I walked in a 80 year old man and after a single session I walked out at least 40 years younger.  Dr. Mullen @ COR helped diagnose my issue without an expensive MRI and got me back to normal life of late night conference calls.

    Timothy, San Jose
  • COR is effective. COR is for the entire family! We came to John when our 11-year-old daughter got a labral tear in her shoulder...and then an MCL tear in her knee. Dr. John Mullen has done an excellent job addressing both the physical and mental side of our daughter's injuries in a way that is age appropriate. John utilizes the best techniques for both pain management and rehabilitation including - soft tissue massage, laser therapy, e-stim, ultrasound, taping, and strengthening.  He is extremely knowledgeable and is engaged in the latest research on sports injury and injury prevention. In treating our daughter John reached out to communicate with her Orthopedic specialist, swim coach, and school to ensure she had the best possible comprehensive recovery plan. As a mother, I am grateful that he sees and addresses our daughter's disappointment and fears regarding her injuries.  He seems to know when she needs a gentle touch and when she needs a hard push.  Other reviews are correct in saying that COR is like family.  John & the COR team really care about the well-being of their clients. I was so impressed with John's approach with my daughter that it occurred to me that he might actually help me with my constant neck pain.  So, I made an appointment following my daughter's and instead of sitting watching him treat my daughter, she sat and watched him treat me!  Beyond soft tissue massage treatment, it was very helpful to talk through what I was doing throughout the day that made it worse/better and then make changes to my behavior.  John also prescribed a realistic exercise plan that even I could follow through on while watching The Late Show with Steven Colbert. The pain is finally under control! AND the best part about COR is that they promptly deal with insurance.  This seals the deal for me.
    Robin, Menlo Park
  • We appreciate quality physiotherapy services provided by COR. Thanks to the dedication and care shown towards treatment and care. Thanks for being part of our lives.
    Anish, Cupertino
  • Yes, dr. Erin was totally awesome.I really appreciated her help and I would totally recommend her for any physical therapy thanks.
    James, Santa Clara
  • I didn’t know I was in such bad shape until I signed up for COR. Boot Camp has been a life saver.
    Joe, San Jose
  • I am super stoked I found this place. The front desk staff is unbelievably nice and so helpful. Dr. John was phenomenal! Very professional, explained the process and I left feeling great!
    Madelynn, Santa Clara
  • COR support staff is warm, helpful friendly and efficient. COR Professional Staff is highly experienced, professional but personal at the same time and I always feel as though I am in good hands. (Literally!) You may use my full name: ArLyne Diamond, Ph.D.
    Arlyne, Santa Clara
  • I work as a PT in a hospital setting and had been trying to treat my ITB pain on my own and bouncing ideas off of CO-workers, but the pain persisted when I tried to get back to running. I was picky about selecting a PT but was very pleased with John. The 1:1 appointments provide quality care. The treatments he prescribed were targeted and efficient. I’m thrilled to be running and doing speed work again!
    Sara, Santa Clara
  • Michael is great with young kid and caring and enthusiastic towards his work out routines.
    Kent, San Jose
  • Great staff very knowledgeable, improvement was immediate.
    Marketa, Santa Clara
  • Friendly, fun, kickass daily work outs.
    Srikanth, Sunnyvale
  • I had an uncomfortable low grade sensation down my arm for a few weeks. Massages, hot and cold baths, yoga, and exercise did not help. I met with Dr. John Muller for 30 minutes and my problem significantly went away on our first visit. I was uncomfortable 95% of the time and now I’m uncomfortable about 2% of the time. I’ve received PT services from other agencies for other alignments in the past and did not get this kind of results. Thank you COR!
    Khristine, San Jose
  • COR is the best local find! I love the facility, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and best of all- the people who come to COR form an inspiring and encouraging team spirit. The trainers want to work with your strengths and challenges and help you get stronger by making customized workouts for everyone. I adore COR and strongly recommend it.
    Christina, Santa Clara
  • The team at COR are outstanding!! Dr. John is a caring professional. He takes the time to understand his patients, provides excellent care, and committed and flexible with scheduling. We couldn't be more pleased with our results!
    Brenda, Los Altos
  • Bill, Santa Clara
    Dr. John Mullen and everyone in the office is very attentive and helpful in providing effective physical therapy rehabilitation treatments and exercises. Being an avid swimmer, I'm especially thankful for Dr. Mullen's knowledge and experience with shoulder ailments, and the relief I have gained as well as new strengthening techniques. I highly recommend COR!
  • I have been a member at COR for over three years. I am grateful I found this group. We are like a big extended family. We often do activities outside of the gym together. Those activities are not just exercising but social as well. We spend a lot of time laughing together. Chris, Mike and John create workouts for all fitness levels so you are always challenging yourself. It always amazes me to see the progress my friends make with their workouts.
    Tammie, Sunnyvale
  • I have been going to COR for 6 years for boot camp. Dr.John and cor team is excellent at whatever they do. Boot camp exercise are bit intense but continues coaching and form corrections encourage one to continue with the routine. It's a fun place and besides boot camp feels like a community. I would highly recommend it for boot camp and physical therapy
    Amit, Cupertino
  • By far the best of physical therapy and personal training. I couldn't be happier with my results.
    Michelle, Santa Clara
  • COR definitely stands out from the traditional physical therapy facility. John and Erin really care about improving their patients and helping them get back to whatever sport or activity they are working back towards.
    Johnie, Santa Clara
  • It's like getting a personal trainer at group exercise prices.
    Lisa, Santa Clara