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Specialist Advice And Best “Tips” ENDING Knee Pain Naturally AND Keeping People Active For Years Longer, Being Given Away FREE Today By An Expert…

“AT LAST!… Here’s How ANY Person Restricted By KNEE Troubles Can Stay “On The Go”, Keep Active And Exercise Safely… As Well As PUT AN END To Their Current Lack Of Choice Of Having To Put Up With Chronic, Daily And Annoying KNEE PAIN (…Swelling And Stiffness), GUARANTEED!”

Keep Reading To Discover How To Find Out What Most physician’s Don’t Know About How Easy It Is To END Knee Pain And QUICKLY Find Ways To Exercise And Keep Active That Are PAIN FREE And Will Do No Harm, Only Good, To ANY Persons Health…

If Your Need Is Urgent, Please Call This Special Number Now To Get Seen Quicker: (408) 905-6483

From The Desk Of Specialist Physio John Mullen,

Dear Knee Pain Victim,

Whether you’ve come looking for a better way to end nagging or even SEVERE knee pain, or you’re just looking for NEW ways to exercise and keep active that will NOT make your knee problems any worse, then this could be the most important message you will read this year.

Know this…Knee pain often starts as a tolerable but nagging, tooth ache like discomfort. But if left untreated, masked with painkillers, or a knee support is worn for ANY significant length of time, it’s not uncommon for knee pain to grow steadily WORSE over months and years until WALKING itself becomes difficult and distressing.

In the early stages, painkillers and anti-inflammatories given out by the physician will offer some relief. But short-term fix’s should NOT be confused with getting to the root cause of your complaint and stopping or slowing down what ever has gone wrong in the first place – and doing it NATURALLY.

What most people don’t know, and many physician’s are included in this, is that there ARE things that can be done that will let you exercise and keep active, and that CAN be achieved WITHOUT any knee pain, swelling or stiffness, or fear of making things worse, at all. Painkillers, rest and knee supports are NOT the only option if you’re wanting to stop the daily torment of living with knee pain. Surgery or injections DON’T have to be either.

I know a much healthier way than that…

If You Are Worried About Knee Pain, Want To Know What Is Causing All Of It, And What You Can Do That Will See Your Pain Drop And Still Leave You Being Able To Exercise, At Will, Then There Is Hope…

Before I go on to show you how I can help, let me first make it abundantly clear I’m NOT like any of the other Physios out there and that includes the ones in the big clinics or hospitals. I’d like to distance my self from them immediately and you should know upfront, that mine is NOTHING like the advice given out by them or any physician – quite simply because I’m a Specialist Private Physio and have been working with and HELPING people in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, to recover from knee pain fast, on a DAILY basis, for more than 11 years.

Rest assured…Everything I do IS personalised, specific AND specialist. That’s the kind of care that works BEST and what most people are hoping to find when they come to this page.

I have plenty of TIME for you too. Mine is NOT like any physician surgery where you will feel rushed in and out, never having chance to ask questions or leave feeling as though you weren’t fully understood. Your health and concerns are important to me and I do want to hear all about them.

Best, my goal is to help you recover from knee pain and get active again QUICKLY and NATURALLY. That means any solution that I provide, will NOT include a prescription for harmful painkillers or medication that in the end, do more harm than good because they are NEVER able to get close to the root cause of your knee pain.

Knee pain can be VERY life limiting, not to mention frustrating and the longerit is left, the harder and more time it takes to resolve. And No!…It’s NOT your age and you DON’T just have to accept it like some physician’s seem to think you do.

If All That You’ve Done So Far Is Rested, Tried A Few “Generic” Exercises, Or Taken physician Advice And Painkillers…And Non Of It Has Worked, Then We Need To Act Fast And Before It Is Too Late…

Knee troubles rarely get any better with rest. Admittedly, sometimes pain may drop, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to come back as soon as you take a long walk or try to get back to being as active as you were before you rested.

I’ve seen people who have rested for weeks in the hope that pain will go for good, only to find it even WORSE when they start back up again (and the swelling last twice as long). THEY should have told you… doing the WRONG kind of exercise is harmful, because even doing just one kind of exercise which you may think is helping, could so easily make things WORSE, in the end.

As for painkillers, I understand why physician’s would give them out to people with knee pain, and for the first 5-7 days they are a good bridge that help people get to Physio in less pain. But what should happen is that the people planning on taking these painkillers are given CLEAR and EXPRESS instructions to go and source a real solution such as Physio ASAP. Relying upon medication will do nothing to fix what ever it is that caused your knee troubles in the first place.

It’s not nice to say, but so many people are suffering with constant “on-off” knee pain that they SHOULDN’T be, and it’s all because someone didn’t get to the bottom of the problem at the first signs of it. Not their fault of course, they weren’t to know any better.

Painkillers, rest and doing generic exercises are NOT the answer. Not if you want to be active and feel healthy again, any time soon. And that’s why I’d like to offer you my HELP and expertise immediately, UPFRONT and without ANY cost or payment needed.

Before I show you HOW I can help, please look at this first:

Here’s Who I Can Help…

What I want you to know about my Physio Practice is that we don’t claim to help EVERYONE and for obvious reasons I can’t just give away all of my best advice to anyone. But if you’re aged 30-67+ and can say “YES” to any of the following, then you are right to be looking for Specialist Knee advice and I can confirm that you’re looking in the right place for it:

  • You’ve recently noticed a dull, “tooth pain” like ache in your knee that has been there for longer than 9 days and shows no signs of improving on its own
  • You’re experiencing severe pain or swelling during, or not long after taking a simple walk with friends (Note : For your own good, please seek advice ASAP)
  • You’ve been told or have a sneaky suspicion that what you have is caused by Arthritis, joint wear and tear or degeneration
  • You’re struggling to walk or run for any significant length of time without feeling the effects of knee pain, a dull ache or swelling
  • You don’t fancy the “painkillers and rest” option advised by the physician, nor do you like the generic exercises so often given out by Physios or healthcare professionals
  • You value the enjoyment you get from your health too highly to risk suffering any long term complications, and so you want to seek the best advice possible, straight away
  • You are hoping to AVOID knee surgery for as long as possible
  • You’ve no idea what’s happened or why and you’re just concerned, maybe even worried, that it isn’t going to go away any time soon, and you’d just really like to know EXACTLY what has happened, and how long it will likely take to solve, and what REALLY can be done to sort it.

…Great news – if you can say “YES” to any of those, then I am going to be able to help you like you hope.

If Your Need Is Urgent, Please Call This Special Number Now To Get Seen Quicker: (408) 905-6483

If You Came Looking For A Specialist Physio To HELP You Personally, To Provide The Best Advice, Give Hands On Treatment To Ease Pain Quickly, And Give The Right Exercises To Help You Walk Further For Longer, Then Here’s What I Can Do For You…

I have a proven solution that works at easing and ending knee troubles fast. And whether you’re suffering severely, or it’s at the very beginning and is currently “annoying and nagging”, it is going to work for you and will let you get active and let you find more ENJOYMENT in your life, faster and easier than any other way.

It’s going to let you walk further for longer and exercise with renewed hope that you can still DO IT and “NO”… what I offer doesn’t involve ANY painkillers or you having to do lots of those unnecessary and very generic exercises.

Specialist “Hands-on” Physiotherapy involves me and my team working on you in person, and by hand, using all of our BEST techniques to bring about a FAST end to the suffering and concerns you are currently experiencing. Deep Therapeutic Massage will help ease pain naturally, we’ll need to look at other joints such as your hips, ankles and lower back and when we correct them all and add in the BEST exercises, you are going to see a POSITIVE difference made to your life, fast. If it happens in days, it will be of NO surprise to me.

And don’t worry – it’s really easy and it’s simple to do.

We do this on a daily basis to HELP people like you and have been doing so for years. And if you’re aged 30+, I can absolutely GUARANTEE that when I combine all of this, you ARE going to feel a BIG difference and your pain will DROP quickly and your enjoyment of life and everything in it, AND ability to exercise, will come back soon.

And, if you are wanting to find the BEST exercises – the ones specific to YOU and your lifestyle needs, that WILL make a difference in how fast you get better and WHEN you can get active again, I’ll give you all of them too – maybe even the very first time that we meet. Doing the secret exercise routines I know of is going to be the BEST way for you to avoid suffering again, any time soon. More: doing this will also REDUCE the risk of early arthritis and you becoming a life long victim of knee pain, at the same time.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then start by making a simple and no hassle or obligation to proceed, enquiry about cost and soonest availability. Do that when you press the yellow button here and then fill out the form which will appear:

Option 1

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Or, because you know that what I’m offering is what you came looking for – make it all happen sooner and book an “in-person” physio appointment at my Physio Practice using this number (408) 905-6483

And just before you do, please take note of this:

Paul Gough Physio satisfaction guarantee logo“EVERYTHING we do for you here is covered by a firm 100% Money Back Guarantee – that means we make you VERY HAPPY like you hope…or you get all of your money back or you simply leave your appointment and my clinic without paying. It’s that simple”.

Or, If You’d Prefer, Because You’d Find It Easier, I’ll Find 10 Minutes In My Day And I’ll Easily Be Able To Show What To Do For The Best, Simply By Talking On The Phone?…

“Telephone Consultations work great”!

You’ll LOVE what they can do for you and you’ll soon see that I CAN help you.

And if you ARE serious about your health and you’ve decided enough is enough of being frustrated and torment by daily knee pain and restricted by it, and you’re even SOMEWHAT interested in what a Specialist “Hands-On” Physio like me can do for you, then a good place for us to start is by talking on the phone.

And when we do, I can show you:

  • What makes our Knee Injury Advice so DIFFERENT from all of the other options you’ve got
  • Why, if you’re aged 30 and above, and you like to be active and you’re FED UP of knee pain and hate the prospect of having to ask the physician for more painkillers, we could very well be your BEST option
  • Why what we’ll do for you here at COR will be NOTHING like you’ve ever tried elsewhere
  • And, WHY most people who start out sceptical about Physio LOVE what we do for them and how it has everything to do with what happens in the first 20 seconds that we speak…

I’d like to offer you a FREE Telephone Consultation that is perfect and only for health conscious people, serious about their health and interested in discovering what their BEST options are to get active and healthy – NATURALLY. And doing it this way will let us get to know each other BEFORE going ahead with and confirming an “in person” Physio appointment at one of my Bay Area clinics.

It works, because it will allow you and me to decide that we’re a good fit, and will leave you knowing with 100% certainty, that I am going to be able to help you like you get active and pain free like you hope.

And by the way, there’s no obligation to book an appointment after we’ve spoken. That’s your call.

This option is EASY and where most people start their journey back to health. If you want to joint them, please go ahead and click the yellow button here NOW and then just enter your details on the form that will appear (after that, Vicki from my office will call you back very soon to set up a time for us to talk on the phone, later in the day)…

Option 2

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And How About I GIVE YOU This Published Special Report, The One With All Of My Best “Tips” Inside, Whilst You’re Here…

Maybe you’re at the very beginning of your search to end your knee troubles and are just browsing, hoping to find some helpful advice that you can take away with you IMMEDIATELY? Or you’re looking for some Secret Tips… the kind that only get given out by the Experts, ones that you can use in your own home to make a start on ending your worries, right now?

If that’s you, you’re in luck! Because,

I’ve Jotted Down All Of The 7 Best Ways To Ease Knee Pain (…Naturally) And Put Them All Into One, Easy To Follow At Home (With Step By Step Instructions), Special Report…

It’s worth $49 and I want you to have it FREE.

For a limited time only, I’m giving away FREE, my Published Special Report on all the BEST ways END knee pain like many of my others clients have done WITHOUT painkillers or injections. And I’d like for you to have a copy before you leave this website or all of the free downloads expire.

And just following any of these top “tips” will make a BIG difference to your health and lifestyle.

This Special Report will shed light on the clouded and very confused world of recovering from Knee Pain, it gives hope, offers clarity AND encouragement for a future free from FRUSTRATION as well as the FEAR many people carry with them, of making their own problems worse. More: It gives step-by-step INSTRUCTIONS on the BEST ways to ease knee pain quickly, keep active SAFELY… and they’re all NATURAL.

And best, this FREE Report lets you sample and get a feel for how a Specialist Private Physio like me, can help YOU, whilst simultaneously making immediate progress at stopping frustration and worry and helping you to get active QUICKLY.

Go ahead and claim your FREE Report and finally start making the progress you’ve been searching for, instantly, in the comfort of your own home, right NOW!

It’s Titled…

“7 Simple Ways To STOP Chronic, Daily Annoying KNEE PAIN…Without Injections, Taking Painkillers Or Having To Wear A Brace!”

I’m going to send this to you INSTANTLY and here’s what you’ll DISCOVER when you look inside…

  • The one pair of shoes you MUST avoid wearing IMMEDIATELY and if you don’t, will see your knee pain agony PROLONGED. Hint: At least 50% of the population DO own a pair of these. Which half are you in?
  • If you spend more than 20 minutes per day SITTING – then you need to know BOTH positions you must AVOID, or else more knee pain is inevitable… Find out what they BOTH.
  • What to SLEEP WITH and where to put it that is proven to ease chronic knee pain. Start making this big difference TONIGHT.
  • What to go and get that you will have in your kitchen NOW that WILL make a HUGE (positive) difference to your knee pain instantly.
  • Want to know the absolute FASTEST and PROVEN way to STOP knee pain completely?
  • Do you know the FOUR types of footwear that are PROVEN to ADD to knee pain and make things worse in the end if you keep wearing them? It maybe that you’re wearing a pair right now?
  • What you CAN and should be drinking RIGHT NOW that is proven to make knee joints and all of the muscles around it feel “nicer”.
  • It’s not just what you sleep on or with – it’s how you do it that could also be making your KNEE PAIN WORSE! Find out in the BONUS section the sleeping position you can change TONIGHT that will make a NICE difference to your knee pain, in the morning…
  • Plus, a long and very HEALTHY section of even MORE BONUS TIPS that start and Show EXACTLY which EXERCISES you should and shouldn’t be doing, if you want to take a LONG break from Knee Pain…

Enjoy 😉

Best Wishes,

John Mullen

P.S. For obvious reasons there’s a STRICT LIMIT to the number of free downloads of this Special Report there are available. Please claim yours TODAY so that you don’t miss out. If you press the button below and the next page doesn’t appear, you’ll know they’ve all gone. Maybe do it NOW just to be sure you get yours…

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More About The Person You’ll Be Helped By…

John Headshot 2Every week, for more than a decade, 100s of people have consulted John Mullen looking for answers to concerning
questions about, and for a fast end to their aches, pains, and injuries. John is now a trusted health advisor to Swimming World, the Philippines Sports Commission.

John Mullen works with people aged 30-64+ daily, is involved in the research of neck, shoulder, knee, low back and much more. He writes about injuries for Breaking Muscle and continues to lecture extensively on the topic throughout the US. John previously worked with Stanford University, helping their sports team stay healthy and strong.