Group Exercise          Physical Therapy/Individualized Training

Group Exercise

Checkout our diverse group exercise classes!

Boot Camp

From: $169 / month


From: $119 / month

Sports Biomechanics Analysis

From: $75 / session

Challenging boot camp exercises which maximize strength, fitness and health…

Yoga is a unique experience at COR, as we integrate Physical, Mental and Spiritual dimensions …

Want to improve your sport? Have our experts analyze your biomechanics in swimming, biking, running, or your main sport…

Sports Boot Camp

From: $20 / class

Kids Program

From: $240/ session

High School Strength Training

From: $20 / class

Looking for a program which enhances your triathlon, swimming, or cycling program …

Keep your child healthy, active, and enjoying exercise with these challenging classes …

Learn proper biomechanics for enhanced performance and safety …

Physical Therapy/Individualized Training

Interested in individualized sessions or physical therapy?

Physical Therapy

From: $75 / session

Personal Training

From: $60 / hour

Online Training Program

From: $150 / month

Improve your pain and return to normal function fast …

Need individual training and goal assessments …

Out of town, but want to work with COR …

Want a Quote for Team Traniing

Interested in having COR program dryland and strength workouts for your entire team?

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