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A Team Approach to Health and Performance
If You Have a Body You’re an Athlete.
If you Are an Athlete you Have a Body.

COR integrates the elements of elite performance with general fitness, rehabilitation, biomechanical analyses and more.


COR’s team approach to health and fitness ensures safe, efficient, and effective workouts while using Character, Optimism, and Resilience.

Research driven, optimal chiropractic care.
Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy)
Improve quickly with treatment from our Doctors of Physical Therapy.
Boot Camp
Group fitness class, tailored for everyone's goals and needs.
Personal Training
Reach your goals quickly with one-on-one care with our elite personal trainers.
Sports Massage
Feel, move, and perform better with a sports massage session.
Running Analysis
3-D and force plate running and gait analysis.
Bike Fit
Improve your cycling performance and bike pain-free with our bike fit.
Swimming Analysis
Underwater video analysis to jumpstart your swimming performance

Over 100 5 Star Reviews, Featured on ABC and other National Publications, read a few and be the next succeess 🙂

people of COR SRi
Srividhya Srikanth

COR is without a doubt one of the best things I have done for myself. I started COR 5 years back and since then I have pushed myself both physically and mentally to limits I could not imagine and I certainly have reaped the rewards.

Felicia Lee
Felicia Lee
6x NCAA Champion

COR really knows how the body works and after working with them, I had my best NCAA performances.

Arkady Vyatchanin
Arkady Vyatchanin
2x Olympic Medalist

I’d like to thank COR helping me with a shoulder injury I was dealing with for 6 months and I was amazed how quickly my shoulder pain was going away.

Dr. John Mullen Santa Clara Personal Training - COR
George Bovell
5x Olympian, Olympic Medalist

COR knows how to help World Class athletes feel better quick and efficiently, they are the best in the business.

Sourabh Jha

I would highly recommend COR, because of the following reasons:-
1) Dr. John is the best EVER
2) The atmosphere is very positive
3) Staff and management of COR is extremely professional
If you are looking for the best place for rehabilitation and sports training, choose COR.

people of COR Carol Mattox
Carol Mattox

COR helped my back go from excruciating pain to being able to hike and exercise again. I can’t thank COR enough! If you’re in pain, this is the first place to go!

Gilda Hart

Best people and workouts. I haven’t tried them for physical therapy but the personal training is awesome here!

Bill Bradley

COR Physical Therapy Dr. John Mullen diagnosed and treated me for shoulder pain. Very professional with great explanations, instructions for home exercises in addition to office treatments and massages that got my shoulder back in pain-free shape. Highly recommend COR!

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