We Help People Be Better, Move Better, and Perform Better at their Sport or Activities They Didn’t Even Think were Possible”

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At COR, our physical therapy, personal training, boot camp, and massage therapy guarantees:

• Effective, research based, one-on-one care

• Rapid Improvement

• Friendly and inviting staff from the second you walk in the door

• Clearly explained root cause of the problem

• Transparent pricing

• Listening to your goals and setting up an individualized plan for improvement

If these aspects are important to your health and fitness goals, apply for a free trial session and start feeling, moving, and performing better!


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About COR 

Whether you’ve come looking for a specialist because another facility has let you down with your health and fitness goals, or you don’t take favorably to the “accept it, just rest and take painkillers” option advised by your physician. Perhaps you’re VERY health-conscious and already know that doing it on your own isn’t the best or going to work. We’re happy to help you be better and you’re about to ENJOY the same transformation in your health as thousands of others who have seen proven results in their ability to keep ACTIVE, PERFORM BETTER and watched as their pain levels drop, faster than they ever thought possible.

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  • Sri, Sunnyvale
    COR is without a doubt one of the best things I have done for myself. I started COR 5 years back and since then I have pushed myself both physically and mentally to limits I could not imagine and I certainly have reaped the rewards. Dr. John, Chris and Mike are amazing, they encourage you every step of the way and they are so passionate in everything they do. With their help I am constantly re-evaluating and re-setting my goals to lose body fat and train harder to do events like Spartan race and half dome hike and marathons. Above all, COR is a community of people who support and encourage each other. It is fun to be part of COR group. Over the years this group have become my best of friends and part of my family.I recommend COR to anyone who wants to take the first step towards fitness or anyone who wants the challenge and push their limits, COR is a perfect place for you, where you are heard and helped by experienced coaches to set goals and successfully do it.
  • Felicia, 6x NCAA Champion
    COR really knows how the body works and after working with them, I had my best NCAA performances.
  • Arkady, 2x Olympic Medalist
    I'd like to thank COR helping me with a shoulder injury I was dealing with for 6 months and I was amazed how quickly my shoulder pain was going away.
  • George Bovell, 5x Olympian and Olympic Medalist
    COR knows how to help World Class athletes feel better quick and efficiently, they are the best in the business.
  • Sourabh, San Jose
    I would highly recommend COR, because of the following reasons:- 1) Dr. John is the best EVER 2) The atmosphere is very positive 3) Staff and management of COR is extremely professional If you are looking for the best place for rehabilitation and sports training, choose COR.
  • Carol, Sunnyvale
    COR helped my back go from excruciating pain to being able to hike and exercise again. I can't thank COR enough! If you're in pain, this is the first place to go!
  • Kaila, Santa Clara
    I'm from Chico, California. I got to school at Santa Clara University where I'm studying marketing and retail studies. Some of my interests are hiking, kayaking, and watching Survivor. I love fitness because I love the feeling it gives me after. I always did distant running throughout high school and some through college. After I got injured, I searched Physical Therapy clinics near me. Once I came here, I loved how nice and personal everyone was and how they listened to me about my injury. In the storm term, I just want my leg to feel better so I can start running again to clear my mind. In the long run, I'd love to continue to do marathons again.
  • Sharron, Santa Clara

    Dr. Erin Cameron is great, very helpful, knowledgeable and entertaining!! Shoulder pain was gone at the competition of physical therapy sessions.

  • Bill, Santa Clara
    Dr. John Mullen and everyone in the office is very attentive and helpful in providing effective physical therapy rehabilitation treatments and exercises. Being an avid swimmer, I'm especially thankful for Dr. Mullen's knowledge and experience with shoulder ailments, and the relief I have gained as well as new strengthening techniques. I highly recommend COR!