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1/2 Marathon Training Program!

Marathon training program

Are you a runner who has always dreamed of participating in a marathon or even 1/2 of one. How can you prepare yourself for one? We have the Rock n Roll half marathon fast approaching in October of this year. We have a lot of COR participants including our very own physical therapist, Dr. Erin Cameron. With such a busy schedule with work, school, internships, family, friends how can someone fit in training for a marathon? Here we’ll give you tips on the pain you may be experiencing, tips for training, how to stay motivated and lastly, a 1/2 marathon training program!

Tips on Pain:

Tips for Training:


I know what you’re thinking, this looks crazy. Running a half marathon takes a toll on your body, you want to be well-trained and feeling your best. Don’t let minor aches and pains stop you from training. Take care of your body as soon as you notice it’s not at 100 percent. If you need help training for this 1/2 marathon but don’t know where to start with this training program we created, come see a personal trainer!


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