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10 Ways to Get Fit This Fall

fit this fall

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later”

Halloween has already come and gone, and now the fall festivities are underway. Not only is it important to stay healthy both in and outside of COR, it’s equally important to do your best. Strive for greatness and you can sow the seeds for what will become a bountiful harvest. There are many different options that can help us stay healthy. Sometimes we just need help finding them.

Here are some ideas to stay active this fall.

10 Ways to Get Fit This Fall

1. Participate in the Turkey Trot

If you haven’t heard of this event, it’s a 5k/10k held on Thanksgiving Day. Don’t like running alone? Then gather your friends and family and make it a day to remember. There is even an option for children to race.

2. Visit Natural Bridges State Beach

Now is the best time to go to Natural Bridges. If you are in the Santa Cruz area or just want to take a little getaway, it is a wonderful place to take an easy hike. The beach is especially nice in the mid-morning when the day starts warming up. You might even get to see butterflies flying over the sand. It is definitely a beautiful sight!

3. Walk around San Francisco

Bundle up because it’s about to get chilly. With countless places to see and things to do, walking around in San Francisco is always an interesting and creative way to exercise! Consider parking further away than usual (as if you had a choice in SF) so you can get more steps in. Going to a museum or festival is not only a fun way to spend your day, but also you’ll burn calories just by standing.

4. Plan an outdoor social gathering

Fall activities are a fun way to socialize with your loved ones while encouraging them to be active. There are so many things to try, like going to an orchard. You can enjoy the beautiful grounds, pick chestnuts together, and even have a nice picnic together. It’s a fun way to stay active while getting the entire family involved!

5. Take a trip to Fern Canyon

Another adventurous destination for a fall day-trip is Fern Canyon, located near Crescent City. When you get the beach, you will be able to walk into a narrow canyon decorated wall-to-wall with ferns and redwood trees. Don’t miss this breathtaking view!

6. Pedal boating at the lake

If you’re in the mood for pedal boating, you can do this at Shoreline Lake in Mountain View! They offer many other recreational water activities like kayaking and canoeing as well.

7. Have a sports day with family and friends

The cool weather is perfect for a fun-filled day of sports and games, letting family members or friends who might not like working out to get outside and be active. You can even throw in games like capture the flag!

8. Plan an ice skating outing

The city of San Jose sets up an outdoor ice rink every holiday season in downtown. Ice skating is excellent for all ages and it’s a fun group activity. Maybe you can even treat yourself to a nice cup of hot chocolate afterwards.

9. Bike on a scenic trail

Whether it’s down the trails or the streets, biking is another way you can exercise this fall. Biking is ideal because you can get a good workout in or go for a casual ride. The Stevens Creek Trail is about a 5-mile ride that is perfect to start your day.

10. Join a Gym!

Need some motivation for exercise on a windy day? Head to COR for Boot Camp, personal training, or open gym!

These are all ways we can get out and be active during the fall season, and many of them are also fun ways to get family and friends involved! It doesn’t just have to be about exercise and working out! It is equally as important to find activities that we can enjoy more casually while still being active. Another tip is to find ways to incorporate exercise or physical activities into the things we already do with family and friends. Whether you choose to pick corn, go to the SF Bicycle Expo, or even work out at home, we at COR hope you’ll take some time to improve your health.

Special Contributors: Interns Brandon Bakos and Priyanka Bhatt