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15 Swimming and Diving Fails: the Winners and Losers

Swimming is not as easy as it looks. Swimmers put millions of miles on their shoulders, they endure long training hours, and sometimes they fail big time. Here are the greatest swimming fails online to get you ready for summer. Grab the Band-Aids; there’s going to be blood.

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15 Epic Swimming and Diving Fails

If you thought you had a bad day in the water, your day is better than the ones these swimmers are having.

 1. Commitment issues

Diving isn’t for faint of heart. If you have commitment issues, don’t try to be an All-star. To this woman’s credit, her form while she dangles there is quite impressive.

swimming fail
Daily Star

2. Diving disaster

Concussions are common sports injuries, but I bet you never pictured one like this. When divers fail, they put their heads into it. Chelsea Davis may have forgotten her name for a few days after this devastating blow. The good news is: she suffered only a swollen nose and needed a few stitches.

swimming fail


3. Flavia’s backside

You can’t help but feel bad for Flavia. After this embarrassing incident at the 2008 Mediterranean Olympic Games, she was forced to sit out because her skin suit gave her an “unfair advantage” …and years on lists like this one.

swimming fail

Daily Mail UK

 4. Wedgie board

Life vest? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Wedgie you will feel for days? Check. If this guy doesn’t make it as a lifeguard, he can always be shark bait for a living.

swimming fail

 5. Life jacket fail

I am not sure how well this will work, but if he becomes stranded, at least he will have a way to collect rain water.

swimming fail

 6. Freestyle face-plant

This is not how you freestyle, how you dive, or how you maintain your dignity when your friends have smartphones.

swimming fail

 7. We’re number one, or two…or three. Yep, it’s three!

If peeing in the pool is bad for your health…this can’t be good. This is a good way to lose your friends and your self-respect.

swimming fail
Youtube: Cold Vishon

8. Icy cannonball

There are no words to describe the pain you feel when watching this and hearing the sound of this man’s tailbone smack the ice.

swimming fail

The Sun

 9. Racy suits in Singapore

The Singapore men are taking patriotism to an entirely new level. Who would have thought Water Polo could be so scandalous? The members of the Singapore Water Polo team designed these crescent moon treasures for the games, and they were not allowed to change suits during the games. The rising moons caused quite the scandal.

swimming fail

The New York Post

 10. False start fears

Dang it! Every swimmer fears the false start, but some actually do it. You train, you prep, you feel the surge of adrenaline, and then you lose it. Your dreams of a victory that day go crashing into the water with you. Guess it is time to rethink the reaction time. What goes into your head when you have a false start?

swimming fail

BGSS Swimming

 11. Better out than in

Remember when you were a kid and it was fun to make fart bubbles in the water? Remember when you grew up and it wasn’t so funny because everyone was watching? Yeah, this is one of those moments. Get a good look at her, farting appears to be an effective propulsion technique.

swimming fail

 12. Water polo nose job

If you think swimming gets a lot of flak for not being a “real sport,” it has nothing on water polo. When people hear the words ‘water polo,’ they think of a game you play in the pool at a birthday party. This player proves that water polo is a sport with real injuries, and so are water polo nose jobs.

swimming fail

 13. Friendly waters

Remember that childhood fear you had of sharks in the pool or the lake? There is a completely valid reason to be scared of the kings of the sea. I hope these guys took swim lessons.

swimming fail


 14. Tan-line fail

If you are ready for swimsuit season, make sure you even out the tan lines. Or you could just tan in your competition suit to avoid any confusion.

swimming fail

15. Gymnast or diver?

Let’s check in on the divers to see if they’ve got it together yet. Nope. Poor Pavlo. This cost his team rankings are the FINA World Championships in 2009. Maybe he can join the gymnastics team if diving doesn’t work out.

swimming fail

The combo picture shows German Pavlo Rozenberg falling from the board during the preliminary round of the 3m diving competition at the FINA Swimming World Championships in Rome, Italy, 22 July 2009. Photo: MARCUS BRANDT :

The struggles are real and the fails are epic. What is your biggest swim fail?

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