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2014 COR Kids Athletic Development Program

At COR, we work on health, sport, and movement enhancement throughout life. In 2012, we started the COR Kids Athletic Development Program (KADP) enhancing sport and exercise enjoyment while providing targeted practical education. We build enjoyment for exercise, through education, peer-interaction, and self motivation. These pillars help our participants in school, sport, and health. Also, we’ve found an interactive, friendly environment is perfect for educating children on complex subjects like anatomy, physiology, and nutrition. 


Can you think of a better way to learn the function of a muscle other than moving it or touching it? Also, learning the biochemistry and physiology of hydrogen ions during intense exercise is better taught during this pleasant (or unpleasant) experience. Unlike other fitness or sports camps, we provide the building blocks of complex high-school and collegiate science courses during the program. Each week a different educational emphasis is taught, keeping the kids interested and engaged, mentally as well as physically.


As much as we love education, sports were our first love at COR. Unfortunately, many kids are turned away from a sport due to excessive training, early specialization, poor individualization, or simply the monotony. Our camps provide high variety with changing weekly fitness emphases, providing early diversification.  Early diversification may be a foreign term, but simply means performing a wide range of sports and activities until puberty. This opposes the popular, 10,000 hour rule and early specialization. 
Seeking diversification in sport seems odd, but helps develop a wider range of motor skills for preventing burnout and other negative effects of early specialization. Early diversification stills involves performing your intended sport at a young age, combined with other sports and activities, improving your motor control or skill. This diversification helps athletes find their passion and their talent for sport! It also builds the framework for a long, healthy, and successful career.

Many who follow COR are affiliated with swimming. However, early specialization and focusing on one sport too early in an athlete’s career often ends in burnout and disappointment. I know what a lot of parents are thinking, well Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods were the greatest in their sport and they specialized early. I can not argue with this fact as many pathways exist in success in sport. However, the scientific research does support early diversification for elite success and performance. It also helps non-elite athletes have fun with fitness, creating a bond with it which they can use and enjoy throughout their life. This enjoyment is vital as the developed world is facing this obesity epidemic. 

However, the demands from many coaches and parents on young children is questionable, once again, the the research does suggestion early diversification occurs in the elite athletes. 


Our society is becoming less healthy than the previous. It is even estimated the current generation won’t live as long as their parents. 
Overall, our health is impairing for many reasons including excessive sitting causing inflammation, excessive stress and high levels of cortisol feed by blue lights on our many devices, to lack of activity. At COR, we hope to break these poor habits and give the youth it’s 5 years back in a friendly, healthy, and enjoyable fashion. We build internal motivation and confidence in each child, helping them understand the role of exercise at each cycle of life. Combine this with education on injury prevention and rehabilitation and we’re giving the kids their 5 extra  years and pain free mobility!

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Well-rounded healthy, educated, and athletic children is our goal at COR. We keep this concept in mind when we work with every child, helping individualize the program to stress them, but make small, frequent gains. This builds confidence through internal motivation. Combine this with our knowledge of biomechanics and injury prevention (which we teach the kids) helps them stay safe and impress all their peers (and parents) with their knowledge!  Classes are from 11 AM – 3 PM.
Sign  your kids up today and see the COR difference! Also, if you have an older athlete (15+ years) looking for mentoring or involvement in a health field, contact us for becoming a COR KADP Assistant! 
One Week Program Individual 

Three Week Program Individual 

Seven Week (Full) Program Individual 

One Week Program Sibling 

Three Week Program Sibling 

Seven Week (Full) Program Sibling 


  • June 16 – 20th: Emphasis on balance, coordination and warm-up.
  • June 23 – 26th: Learning exercise technique, biomechanics, and nutrition.
  • July 7 – 10th: The lower body fundamentals and injury prevention.
  • July 14 – 17th: The upper body fundamentals and different types of training.
  • July 21 – 24th: Core training, and recovery, sleep, life balance.
  • August 4 – 7th: Speed, agility, and learning the body systems.
  • August 11 – 14th: Developing motivation and the aerobic system. 
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Dr. G. John Mullen, DPT, CSCS