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2014 March Mania Competition!

The Annual March Mania competition is upon us! For those unfamiliar, this is our annual body fat percentage loss and lean body mass gain competition. The competition provides monetary motivation for achieving body fat loss and lean body mass goals. Some argue adding a monetary value on working out is unnecessary, but from our prospective any motivation for exercise and improvement is worth it!

The competition begins March 1st with our complimentary body composition testing. This private testing provides the competitions with their initial weight, body fat percentage, hydration status, and lean body mass percentage. Nutrition and exercise recommendations are provided based on these numbers and individual goals. Then, each participants receives another complimentary body composition test.  Unlike other competitions, anyone can win, as we use percent body fat and lean body mass as the measures, not total body fat or lean body mass.

Interested? Sign-up today on our COR Boot Camps Page!