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30 Reasons to Try COR Boot Camp

COR boot camp in Santa Clara

Boot camp is a military-style fitness experience for people off all level. Boot camp combines high-intensity workouts, militaristic coaching models, and skilled endurance training. Boot camp has become one of the most popular fitness trends in America and around the world, yet every boot camp class is vastly different. COR boot camp in the Santa Clara area puts different spin on the experience, focusing on enhancement, enjoyment, and health. 

30 Reasons to Try COR Boot Camp

COR takes boot camp beyond the tradition and delivers an experience that is hard to match. Discover the reasons why you should try the COR Boot Camp.

1.World-renowned coaches

COR boot camp in Santa Clara

At first, this can be intimidating, but you benefit from it. Dr. John – owner of COR – is a world-renowned fitness expert, he has worked with Olympic athletes, he contributes to popular fitness and swimming magazines around the world, and he has devoted his life to fitness and health.

Coach Chris, a Certified Personal Trainer, joins the boot camp team. Coach Chris writes about health, wellness and fitness, and he is the Director of Personal Training and Head Strength and Conditioning at COR. Coach Chris often lends his expertise to various sports magazines in the industry.

Coach Jonathan is pursuing his MA in Kinesiology at San Jose University. His experience with fitness and Exercises Science, combined with his undergraduate work in Social Work, allows Coach Jonathan to bring a new perspective to the court, to the gym, and to the boot camp classes.

2. Sessions are only $20

If you look online at various pricing, you will discover that boot camp can cost up to $30 to $50 for the first session. Not only are you expected to pay for the class, but you have to pay membership fees and joining fees, too.

3. You can bring a friend or your spouse

COR allows you to share the joy with others. COR understands having a support system while you work out is critical for your success and ambition to walk through the door, so special deals are available. COR has a couples boot camp option that provides you and one other person with an unlimited monthly boot camp pass.

4. COR offers more health and wellness services

You will find that COR has the expertise to help you achieve the best health. Additional services at COR include personal training, physical therapy and yoga classes. Talk to anyone of friendly staff members how you can add one of COR’s extensive services to your health and wellness plan.

5. The coaches support you, not belittle you

The reviews speak for themselves. The coaches are the best part of COR boot camp. Dr. John is praised for his patience and commitment, and Coach Chris is dedicated and frequently inspires camp-goers to keep going. The reviews are endless. The consensus is: COR has the best coaches who coach and inspire without belittling and yelling.

6. You learn injury-prevention techniques

Boot camp can be dangerous if you don’t know how to prevent fitness injuries and overuse. Not only do the coaches push you through boot camp, but they provide the techniques and injury-prevention methods that allow you to keep going to meet your health and fitness goals. The beginning of each boot camp session is geared toward injury prevention and rehabilitation.

7. The boss is a physical therapist

Dr. John received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at USC, which means he brings more to the table than most coaches can.

8. COR offers complimentary monthly screenings

It is important that you know how you are doing and what you are achieving. The screenings include body fat assessment, health goal evaluation, and more.

9. The programs are individualized

Boot camp is done in a group setting. But COR has perfected the art of individualizing the workout. You won’t feel stressed out trying to keep up with others, because it is your pace and needs that dominate your boot camp experience.

10. You never have to go at it alone

COR coaches don’t stand around and yell; they get dirty, they guide you, and they help you through every process. COR coaches evaluate your body mechanics, your technique, your progressions, and more. When you run, they run. When you learn a new technique, they show you and stay nearby to make sure you get it done properly. COR coaches never leave you alone to figure boot camp out on your own.

11. A supportive team surrounds you

Boot camp at COR is more than a workout; it’s a place for support and inspiration. Boot-camp-goers praise COR’s ability to unite, to encourage team work, and to make everyone feel valued, regardless of his/her skill level. From the moment you walk through the front door, to the chatter in the parking lot after boot camp, you will feel welcomed, you will feel supported, you will feel accomplished.

12. COR has a wealth of resources

Fitness and health are not just things the coaches do; the coaches write about them too. COR has the ability to bring the gym to your home with its various resources online. Whatever your questions are about health, wellness, fitness, technique, diet, and sports, you can find an article in the blog, a video on YouTube, or a tweet on Twitter. COR wants its community to have 24/7 access to the resources necessary to make healthy choices.

13. You won’t get bored; each workout is different

Workout plateaus kill fitness goals and dreams, so COR keeps it interesting and active. If you are bored with COR boot camp, it’s because you didn’t go at all. COR tailors a program specifically for you and your needs, and it is done in a way that stops fitness boredom in its tracks.

14. You always know what to expect

When you show up, you won’t be surprised. Your coach will have already created a weekly workout plan for you so you know exactly what to expect every time you arrive. You can also look online at boot camp classes to see what you can expect for the day.

15. COR gives away free stuff

Who doesn’t love free stuff? COR does, and you can win it. We aren’t talking keychains and business cards. COR hosts frequent events to help boot-campers and gym-goers to score coo COR gear.

16. Community matters

COR is concerned with the community, inside and outside of the gym walls. COR is dedicated to improving the health of the community overall, and frequently makes donations to local events and charities.

1 7. There is no goal too big or too small for the wall

Goal setting is just as important as achieving goals. COR helps you realize your goals, track your progress, and reach your goals in time. Your goal is COR’s goal.

18. It promotes strength and endurance

COR does not focus only on weight loss and strength. COR focuses on everything else that makes it possible.

19. You learn while you work out with the ‘Question of the Day’

In other boot camp programs, it’s all business. You rarely have time to ask questions, but at COR boot camp, questions are part of the experience. The coaches love to learn and pass their knowledge onto curious boot-campers. Plus, what is fitness and health if you don’t learn anything from it or about it? Also, having random questions about Michael Jackson is always entertaining!

20. There is something for kids, too

COR has programs for young athletes, too. The innovative KADP and High School Strength Training programs allow parents to share the fitness experience with their kids. Strength training and KADP camps provide kids with a solid foundation for fitness and health that they can carry with them throughout their lives. Many of the High School Strength programs are offered before boot camp throughout the week.

21. The schedule accommodates your needs

Getting to the gym is the hardest part, especially if you are a busy parent, professional, or student. COR knows that and doesn’t want time to deter you from reaching your fitness and health goals. COR offers boot camps as early as 5:30 am and as late at 6:45 pm. If you can’t make it during the week, boot camp is held on Saturday mornings, too.

22. The goal is health and wellness

You could go the boot camp and only learn workouts that get you by for the day, or you could earn an entire skillset that helps you achieve your immediate and long-term health and wellness goals. That is what COR aims to provide you. Before weight loss and strength can happen, mental and physical health must be addressed.

23. You burn more calories than a regular workout

Why wouldn’t you go to boot camp? You burn more calories during boot camp because it combines vigorous aerobic activity and strength training. You are on the move constantly for an hour straight, and as a result, you have the potential to burn between 500 and 600 calories per hour.  

24. The goal is fitness, not exhaustion

As long as you have the will to finish, you will survive boot camp. COR’s boot camp aims to provide you with the workout, the skills, and the energy you need to stay fit. The goal of camp isn’t to whip you into exhaustion.

25. COR offers comprehensive menu of fitness training

COR boot camp offer more than an hour-long workout; COR has a comprehensive menu of fitness training and resources that provide you with a well-rounded fitness experience. COR boot camp start with a dynamic warm-up, a systematic approach to training. COR boot camp includes aerobic training, balance training, high-intensity interval training, and resistance training to help you achieve your fitness goals.

26. It’s relaxing yet energizing

After your workout, you don’t get in the car and go. COR helps you calm down and relax after every boot camp session COR coaches teach cool-down techniques that relax and energize the body, as well as prevent injuries.

27. Every move is effective, efficient, and safe

The expert COR boot camp coaches bring an impressive collection of skills and expertise to boot camp. COR instructors ensure every person who walks through the door benefits from the collective experience and knowledge in biomechanics, physiology, orthopedics and kinesiology to the boot camp session to make sure you have fun, you are safe, you get the best and most effective workout, and to ensure you have the energy and health to return each week.

28. Your best funny photo or post is a must for the Facebook page

Too many gyms need to lighten up. Boot camp is not the military; it’s a fun fitness experience, but you can’t tell it by looking at their Facebook pages. That’s not the case with the COR Facebook page. We welcome your funny posts, your questions, and your silly pictures. Snap it, write it, and post it as many times as you want. Your boot camp experience is best when shared with the world.

29. COR works with Olympic athletes, children, and everyone in-between

You don’t have to be an elite athlete or heavy-weight to benefit from COR’s world-class attention and expertise. COR works with everyone who walks through the door, and provides each person with the same level of commitment, dedication, knowledge, and fun. Families, teams, athletes, children, and busy professionals all choose COR because of its unwavering commitment to each person. At COR, you will feel as if you truly belong.

30COR tracks all of your resistance training so you know how to progress

COR doesn’t want you to figure out how you can improve and progress. It wants to show you, so COR tracks all of your resistance training. The instructors point out your successes, your potential for improvement, and your ability to progress for better results.

Boot camp can stir-up a lot of fear and intimidation in newbies. It doesn’t have to. Boot camp is fun and effective when you choose the right gym, and time and time again, COR has proven to be the best boot camp in Santa Clara. Just ask the many people like you who join us every week.

When you look at the Facebook page, when you walk in the door, or when you join COR boot camp for any one of its many parties, you will see happiness and fun. Fitness should be fun, and COR has perfected it. COR boot camp is about a happy and healthy community, team building and joy. That is a promise. Simply put, COR has more fun and so will you. It’s time to schedule your first boot camp adventure.