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4 Problems and Solutions With Swimming Dryland Training Programs

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Last week Coach Chris was featured in Swimming World Magazine. Checkout his article:

Sports are becoming more and more competitive, especially in youth sports. With this increase in competitiveness, kids are starting to lift weights. I High School Program 3get asked a lot about the right age for young athletes to begin a weightlifting program. The research says ,with professional supervision, that weight training can improve muscular strength, endurance and decrease the risk of sports related injuries (Chaouachi 2014).

I find it funny that parents will tell me that their kids should not lift weights, but they will let them play tackle football, give them Red Bull energy drinks, or let them perform unsafe breath-holding drills at 8 years old. We need to understand that if your child can demonstrate perfect form during body-weight exercises, then we progress to band work and then weights [see Dryland Dos and Don’ts and Strength Training and Swimming].

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