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COR was founded by Dr. John Mullen, renowned physical therapist, strength coach, and performance enhancement specialist, who has worked with organizations such as Stanford, Purdue, and many other elite colleges.

After years of helping professional athletes return from injury, enhance their performance, and excel at their sport, he was determined to create a similar environment for the general public. Disappointed with the traditional physical therapy clinic and fitness environments, he sought to recreate the integrated sports medicine model used to enhance performance by creating a hybrid model of rehabilitation, biomechanical assessment, adult fitness, and performance enhancement training in an environment that is suitable for all ages and activity levels.

COR stands for: Character, Optimism, and Resilience, traits all COR team members and clients exhibit.

It is our vision to provide exceptional care that differs from traditional physical therapy clinics and fitness facilities by emphasizing a unique blend of elite level care, cutting edge systems, an individualized approach, and more personal attention to help you achieve your goals faster.



~ Legendary Coach Bill Bowerman

This simple quote summarizes our core philosophy at COR – everyone is an athlete at heart and everyone should have access to the elite level care like world-class athletes – whether you are a youth athlete, a weekend warrior, a busy executive, a stay at home parent or an active senior.

  • Welcome each patient and client as a member of our team and family – with character and optimism to help you achieve your goals.
  • Do whatever it takes to exceed expectations with optimism and resilience by focusing on the client experience, satisfaction, and outcomes.
  • Bring our “A” game with an optimistic attitude.
  • Have fun and show character in every situation.
  • Focus on working and growing together to enhance the team by attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business.
  • Never stop learning and advancing to better optimize our clients.
  • Support our communities and engage in activities that promote optimal health and wellness.
  • Helping individuals use resilience to reach their fullest potential through a team approach of elite rehabilitation, adult fitness, and performance training.
  • Engage in research and education to advance ourselves, as well as our professions by sharing this information.
  • Lead by example by participating in a healthy lifestyle.
5 Star Reviews

Our reputation speaks for itself, with over 170+ 5-star reviews and counting.

Our clients also require 2.4 less visits than the average clinic, averaging 8 visits for 100% resolution in pain and return to their goals.

  • Percent Improvement
cor values

To assure we achieve this mission, we base everything on three main principles:

1. Character: Whether you are an elite athlete or recovering from multiple surgeries, demonstrating good character and integrity is paramount. This is reflected in the leadership of our staff and the success of our clients.

2. Optimism: A growth-mindset allows us to continually improve. At COR, we are always optimistic for further improvement in sport, function, and life. Our detailed executive success session helps us understand the limitations of the situation and how we can provide benefit for improvement. While pushing for improvement, demonstrating optimism is key. Our staff is continuously growing and improving. We take an optimistic view, making the challenges and obstacles we face together with our clients more enjoyable.

3. Resilience: We all face challenges in our life. Whether it is to wake up at 5:00 am for training or relearning how to walk. We don’t judge anyone for their challenges, but only hope to use our character and optimism to support resilience with all our clients, patients, and staff.

COR history

Unlike other clinics, our clinic is owned by physical therapists, not a big corporation. This ensures top-notch care and cutting edge treatment, not influenced by corporate greed and big business. At COR, you are part of COR, not a statistic.

2019: COR Remodels
After having years of white walls, COR upgraded and expanded the equipment and appearance of COR, transitioning to the premier facility in the Bay Area for movement analysis, sports performance, and biomechancial assessments.
cor remodels
Dr. John and Sun Yang 2017 World Champs
2017: Dr. John Consults Chinese Olympians
In 2017, Dr. John was the personal trainer, physical therapist, and sports performance consultant for the Chinese swim team at the World Championships.
2016: COR Helps Olympians
In 2016, COR started building their reputation and worked with 6 athletes who earned 8 Olympic Medals at the Rio Olympics.
Dr. John Mullen Santa Clara Personal Training - COR
cor welcome
2014: COR Expands
COR was unable to stay in Dr. John's garage for long! After one year of renovation, COR expanded and added services in Santa Clara.
2013: COR Opens First Office
Out of his converted garage in San Jose, Dr. John began treating athletes of all ages and anyone motivated to improve.
cor boot camp scsc
2012: COR Opens
In 2011, Dr. John began sports performance, physical therapy, and boot camp classes with local swim teams.