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Our Annual Strength Competition is Coming!


“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” – Babe Ruth


At our boot camp, we like to incorporate weight training three times a week. Weightlifting is a great way to get toned. Not only that, but it helps you burn fat, as well as reduce risk of certain diseases like diabetes. It is also great for your posture! As you know, COR is also a physical therapy office which automatically makes something like posture a major importance. We know proper posture during weightlifting develops strength, while keeping your spine healthy. Let’s take this beneficial and fun experience to the next level.


We are adding a little extra fun into our COR boot camp weights days by having a good ol’ fashion competition! Starting August 29th is our annual COR Strength Competition!


What is the COR Competition?

This is a 8 week strength program.  It is designed to test how heavy you can lift using deadlift, back squat, and bench press. You will have a program that will maximize your strength in 8 weeks.  On the 8th week you will have 5 opportunities to lift using the 3 exercises, the heaviest weight that you can lift SAFELY!!


When is the Competition?

Starts August 29th – October 30th (Same day as our Halloween boot camp and carving)


What are the rules?

-Count heaviest completed lift form deadlift, squat and bench press and add up total numbers for the COR record wall [coming soon].

-You must go through the weightlifting lesson and show that you can master the form.

-Each Lift counts if you reach full range of motion.

-If you move up a weight category, you get a prize 🙂


What is the COR Record wall? We will have a wall with different levels that you are going to try to reach.


Level 1 200

Level 2 350

Level 3 500

Level 4 650

Level 5 800
What good is a competition if there is no prizes?