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Are you Feeling COMPLETELY Pain-Free? You Should Be!


We all have a hobby. For some it is Fortnight, for others, it is hiking. A lot of people enjoy cycling during the warmer months, taking strolls at sunset or biking on the weekends.  If you’re near a beach, you may even play volleyball. Have you ever jammed your finger from playing volleyball, football, or from any hands-on activity? It may seem like a minor thing, but if you’ve ever tried to continue playing with a jammed finger, it hurts a lot. This jammed finger can even get in the way of playing Fortnight! 
Why am I telling you this? No matter how small an injury, if you let it persist it can impair your activity. So let me ask you this, are you living completely pain-free? Some find it hard to believe, but no matter your age you should be living pain-free!

Are you Feeling COMPLETELY Pain-Free? You Should Be!

Do you experience pain, but haven’t seen a professional yet?

Why not?

A lot of our lives are spent working, not much time for leisure activity, why not enjoy your hobby pain-free?

Are you someone who enjoys sports such as running or cycling. Want to try taking it to the next level by running a marathon or partaking in a cycling tour in Europe. The first thing you need to do is, take care of your body! It never hurts to see a professional [did you know you can see your physical therapy directly and not need to see your physician first?].  It’s always better to catch an injury early, not letting it progress.

It is better to miss a few days of training, than a month, a year, or the rest of your career.

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Now that the weather has warmed up, cyclists are more abundant in the streets than ever. Maybe, you’re dusting off your bike since it’s been collecting dust all winter. Quite possibly, you could be a cycling enthusiast and ride during all sorts of weather condition #props. Not all of us are cyclists, but the important thing is that you are enjoying your activity. Participating in any sport for extended amounts of time can lead to a lot of aches and pains. Stopping the little injuries before they get worse is ideal, but we want to prevent them from happening altogether. Learn what is causing the pain, how to prevent it from happening again or from getting worse. With age comes minor aches and pains, it comes with the wisdom, but you shouldn’t have to live with this pain for years. It may seem unnecessary now, you’re telling yourself that you’re fine. You say, this ache in my back in the mornings is normal, it’s been happening for years. What if I told you, that you didn’t have to live with that ache every morning. Go see a professional to help you understand where your pain is coming from and what you can do to ease it. Change your life for the better.

Why See a Professional?

You’re up, you’re feeling good and you can take part in your leisure activity. Even if your pain is sporadic, seek out one of our experts and together we can find the root cause. Don’t let yourself pass up a sunny cycling day or cancel your plans of the day for a painful one. Get back to your enjoyable daily life. Don’t let your pain dictate your every day to day life.
The first step in getting better is first allowing yourself to accept that you are in pain and that it’s not just a sore feeling. Nobody wants to be told that they need to stop doing what they love. The sooner you seek professional help then the faster you can get back to what you love. If you leave your injuries untreated it could end up being worse than what it ever should have been. If you break a bone, you go to a doctor and get it set so it can heal. Take your minor or major pain seriously and find a quality professional to help. Seek professional help, it doesn’t hurt to go see someone and make sure that you are feeling your best. There’s always room to improve.

At COR, we had a patient, Lily, who was not a cyclist, but her results were astounding. She came in to see us and what you will read below, she was very pleased with the results.

I consulted Dr. Erin Cameron for a meniscus tear in my knee. When I went in had difficulty walking and the muscles around my injury had become stiff limiting my movements. Being a runner it was very frustrating for me to be completely grounded. Dr. Erin was  very friendly, compassionate, meticulous and gave me exercises keeping my goals in in mind. In a couple of weeks i started noticing a big difference and now I am back to running.

Here we have someone who is an avid cyclist. He has recently joined our boot camp program a few months back. Here’s what he had to say about boot camp and how it’s helped his cycling.

Before starting boot camp, my back had discomfort, especially mountain biking. Even biking as long as I have, my arms still get tired during the longer rides. Since starting boot camp here at COR, my back does not feel that same discomofort anymore. My arms have also gotten stronger and don’t get as easily tired as they did before starting boot camp.

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