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Happiness is Nonsense: 3 Simple Ways to Be Better Each Day!

Happiness is nonsense. Is anyone happy? If so, how do you measure it? What does it mean? A few years back, I listened to the Adam Carolla podcast and he brought up the nonsensical use and goal of the term happiness. He discussed how many say they want to be happy or they want to find a job which makes them happy. In my opinion, seeking happiness is a waste of time. Finding a job, mate, or routine which makes you happy all the time doesn’t exist. In fact, if you are seeking this, you’ll never find anything! When I’m talking with high school athletes, we often discuss picking a college or a major. During every conversation, I hear the some form of the following line:

“I just want to find something that makes me happy”….

We all need to stop chasing the mythical happiness bug and instead seek methods which help us become better.

In this game of life, we are simply trying to improve and be better. Each day is tough as you want to make it and it can certainly be a struggle. Instead of finding something that will make you happy, seek items which make you better.

Here are 3 things I use, which make me better each day.

3 Ways to Be Better Each Day!

1. 15 minutes of gratitude:

When I’m not reading science and research articles, I’m reading business and self-improvement books. I’ve been reading and listening to a lot of Anthony Robbins lately. One aspect Anthony recommends is “15 minutes of gratitude”. This process shifts the body into feeling better and being grateful for the good things we all have in our life. Here are the steps:

  1. 0 – 5 Minutes: While walking, take four quick inhalations through the nose and four quick exhalations out the mouth. During this you can tap your thumb and your fingers together, some feel this opens the body’s meridians.
  2. 5 – 10 Minutes: Continue this breathing and walking while thinking of all the items you’re grateful for. This includes your health, brain, loved ones, etc. I think about my health, mind, wife, family, friends, COR, etc. Next, deeply think of all the past events in you’re life you’re grateful for. I deeply remember my wedding, graduation, swimming accolades, and opening my business, for example. Then, think about items you want to achieve. This can include opening a business, being at your children’s graduation, being financially independent, etc.
  3. 10 – 15 Minutes: Perform a positive repetitive saying, an incantation while walking and breathing as mentioned above. This incantation can be specific or general. A few examples are:
    1. “All the power I need is within me”
    2. “I feel great, I’m full of energy”
    3. “I’m Superwoman and no one can stop me”

2. PostureDitch being happy, be better!

How you posture your body greatly influences your mood. Too often those with depressive symptoms have their head down and shoulders rounded. Improving your posture can help you become better, by transforming your mood. Now, no one has perfect posture, but say you’ve a case of the blues, remember long spine, sit up tall, and have your chest forward. This simple fix will get you in a better place in no time.

3. Smiling

Everyone has heard about the positive effects of smiling. Unfortunately, many don’t take it seriously or know how to incorporate it. When many think about smiling, they think of insane people grinning from ear-to-ear. To incorporate smiling for a better life, you don’t have to force a smile in front of other people and look funny or feel awkward. Instead, when you’re by yourself, strap on a massive smile and feel the benefits. Here are some times to smile:

  1. In the bathroom
  2. In the shower
  3. In the car
  4. At the computer
  5. You get the idea…


Once again, happiness is a mythical beast. Don’t spend your whole life chasing this nonsensical thought. Instead, simply try and be better each day. Being better won’t just help yourself, but elevate the lives of everyone around you. At COR, this is what we are known for. No matter if you walk through the door for physical therapy, personal training, or something else, you will certainly leave feeling better!

Ditch being happy and simply BE BETTER!