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boot camp

“DISCOVER an inclusive, effective, safe, and engaging group fitness class to end LONG-TERM WEAKNESSES, STIMULATE INACTIVE MUSCLES, REDUCE UNWANTED STIFFNESS, & PERFORM BETTER”

don’t do an exercise class where you aren’t getting a fun and effective workout.

WHEN SHOULD I THINK ABOUT joining boot camp?


Are you frustrated by boring, stale group classes? Are you worried your technique isn’t be monitored? Do you feel like you haven’t fit in with other fitness classes?

Years ago, as I worked with my active adults and athletes, I found a common theme in their group training. They tried various workouts, but were often left injured, alone, and/or bored.

Here is a breakdown of our training programming:

Most people get stuck trying to make a decision about what to do next. They go days, weeks, months (even years!) without taking action.

The one thing we can guarantee is that by doing nothing, your goals won’t get better.

So the next important thing is to take action.

Current Class schedule

Monday – WEDNESDAY – Friday

5:30 – 6:30 am

6:30 – 7:30 am 

5:30 – 6:30 pm

See what boot camp members have said:

Nancy Dong

Dr. Erin is great! I did the boot camp class and got a really great workout in. She pushes you but also gives each person attention to avoid injury. The class accommodates for different levels, allowing each person to feel accomplished at the end of the hour. I would definitely recommend coming here!

I joined COR to get back in shape after 2 children and busy schedules. I was amazed at the progress I made. I not only got back into shape but I also joined a family – the COR family. It is unlike anything I have experienced before. People care – people smile – people pay attention to your form and your well being.

Not the average gym, way above it! Bootcamp staff is extremely knowledgeable and will always have an eye on your form, correcting you and encouraging you with a smile. They help you reach your goals with tailored workout programs. If you’re injured, they get you back on track and adapt your workout. Most importantly, it’s family like.

Vamsi Krishna

I like how they have specific workout routines for everyone based on their goals and any past injuries that need special attention. Given that this is also a place for physical therapy, I trust their judgement in making these routines. 🙂

The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive. They are motivated and inclusive of new members. The space is clean, modern, and well-equipped with free-weights, TRX straps, medicine balls, jump ropes, barbells, and such. My experience at COR has been very positive and has re-energized my workout routine.

Michael Flynn

Great bootcamp classes. Instructors are knowledgeable and very positive. They mix up the workouts very well so no two classes are ever the same!

Ana Spencer

Great place to workout. The facility Is clean and the staff is super friendly!

Wayne Boles

5 stars for the trainers and physical therapists at Cor. Starting a year ago in April I figured I would give it a month, see how it goes. Almost a year later and 212 classes total, you could say I am enjoying it. With mixes of cardio and weights you get a little bit of everything, not too much of the same.

Christina Le

COR is a great gym! I attend their 5:30am boot camp daily and I love the trainers there, the community of people who make up COR, and the facility is always kept nice and clean. I could not imagine a better gym. It’s the best kept secret in Santa Clara!

I have been a member at COR for over three years. We are like a big extended family. We often do activities outside of the gym together. Those activities are not just exercising but social as well. We spend a lot of time laughing together. It always amazes me to see the progress my friends make with their workouts.

Xiaofang Zhou

Great place. I found it on yelp. Very professional trainers and supportive environment. The class size is relatively small, 10-12 people with 2 trainers. The trainers are very patient and always walk around to help with our postures. I enjoy the classes very much!

Rohit Mohan

One of the best decisions in the past year was to join COR for their bootcamp. Unlike other classes, there is emphasis on form, and minimizing injury.
With personalized workouts that give the best results to fun group workouts that leave you gasping for breath, I’ve found my happy place where I want to be every morning.

Perfect place when you are a beginner or need a break from usual fitness routine! Limited batches only twice a day..ample parking !Better go with a discount code or voucher else rates are not so ok!

Joseph V

I’ve been going to COR for over a year, and I love it!! If you are looking for a place to learn proper exercise form, build core strength, and gain energy, this is the place to be!! Its a great community of friends and coaches that will motivate you and challenge you to push your limits.

I have been going to COR for 6 years for boot camp. Boot camp exercises are bit intense but continues coaching and form corrections encourage one to continue with the routine. It’s fun place and besides boot camp feels like a community. I would highly recommend it for boot camp and physical therapy.

Ankit Soni

Awesome trainers .. great environment !!!

Julie Nakamoto

Dropped into a class with Mike for 630p boot camp, and I had an awesome experience. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Highly recommend this facility for anyone that wants to get solid coaching on technique and to build their strength and endurance.

COR has been a part of my life for four and a half years now. The trainers are friendly and knowledgeable, and their workouts are always challenging yet fun. Thanks to the COR team, I’m proud to say I’ve hiked Half Dome, run three half marathons and continue to train for more. Looking forward to many more bootcamps at COR!!

Amazing place to workout with personable and knowledgeable coaches. I enjoy the people in my classes as well. We are all there for a common goal. Definitely give this place a try! I’m sure you will be hooked if you are looking for structured workouts.

Its the best place in Santa Clara for your physical and mental well being. Boot camp is all well planned according to specific needs of clients. Must join it and experience it urself. Specially evening batch. I love that .. miss u John, Mike , Chris and all buddies..

Jeanne Lee

2 years and still going strong. It’s all due to COR and the awesome team they have. I’m challenged to get the most out of every workout, never hit a plateau, and doing things I never thought I would ever do (from barbell lifting in a variety of ways) to participating in 2 Spartan races (and I’m not a “race” person).

Personalized, challenging and fun workout plans help you bring a positive change in your life. Motivating coaches helping all the way to push your limits and achieve your goals…great team environment where each one encourage and pushes each other…amazing place to relax by working out…

Sing-Ho Lui

I’ve been at bootcamp for the first time in my life at COR 2 weeks ago. I go to the 6:30PM class with Michael. The facility, class plan, and especially the staff and trainers are top notch. I feel like I’ve already made a tremendous gain in physical health since coming here for a short time.

The 5:30 am COR bootcamp is the best thing that I have found to help me remain energetic and alert throughout the day! I have a very busy schedule, and finding time to maintain my fitness was always a struggle, until I started going to COR.

COR is a great place to work out! Awesome staff and equipment. The workouts vary often so you get a great workout. HIIT and free weights. The people that go there are nice and friendly.

Shirley Frantz

Great place for beginners to elite athletes to workout. Personalized training plans even for the boot camp classes, with an emphasis on injury prevention.

One thing that makes Cor unique is that they create individualized workout sheets for weight lifting days. If you’re not ready for heavy deadlifts, the staff will give you an appropriate workout based on your ability.

I have been with COR for more than 5 years. With their team approach to fitness, I feel so supported by all of the training staff and every member here. The coaches are always checking in with me and pushing me to go deep and find the strength to finish strong. COR is not just a gym. It’s community that I love.

I dropped in the 6:30 class with my coworker Sharyl. Mike was our coach for the workout and he did a great job of explaining the workout and making sure everyone was warmed up. It was a great class and Mike was postitive and motivating! I would definitely recommend COR for a great sweat sesh!

Kalene Paz

Best gym hands down!!! Trainers are knowledgeable and encouraging, workout programs can be tailored to your individual fitness level and there’s a community feel that’s hard to ignore. Check it out, you won’t be sorry!!!!

Sara Cravalho

Started going to Cor a couple months ago on the Groupon, and have decided to keep attending. It’s fun, the workouts kick your butt, and everyone is so nice! Working out at 5:30am is rough, but the atmosphere here *almost* makes you forget how early it is.

Dhananjay Mehta

This is a great place for both your medical conditions as well as group workouts. I first visited COR when I had ankle sprain. What makes COR special is the care and attention you get from your doctor. After completing my sessions I joined COR fitness classes. It’s similar to CrossFit except for the risk of injury.

Stuti Vora

COR is not just a place to go and workout, but a community! The bootcamps are fun and motivational. The coaches are awesome!!

Srividhya Srikanth

I started COR 5 years back and since then I have pushed myself both physically and mentally to limits I could not imagine and I certainly have reaped the rewards. With their help I am constantly re-evaluating and re-setting my goals to lose body fat and train harder. With their dynamic and personalized workouts I have become stronger, more energetic and able to reach my goals.

I have been a member of COR for over 1 year. I originally joined 1 year ago to work on my strength for a Tough Mudder obstacle race. Last weekend I successfully completed a full tough mudder (10 miles) at snowmass village in Colorado at 8,000 ft. I am so happy with my decision to join COR.

Just celebrated my second anniversary at Cor. Love the people! Thanks for being there!

Katharine Shiomoto
COR is a daily part of my life. I start my mornings at the 5:30 am boot camp where I want to show up at that crazy hour because the supportive co-members make it fun; the expertise of the BC leaders challenge our bodies & sometimes our minds and over all I feel better that I have gone. Great community to get fit with!

Trainers very friendly

Great experience, knowledgeable trainers. Monthly prices can be made more comfortable.

Lisa Flosznik

It’s like getting a personal trainer at group exercise prices.

As a previous collegiate swimmer, and current open water swimmer, I’ve had consistent shoulder pain throughout my career. I’ve been receiving physical therapy for this ongoing shoulder pain and can honestly say, these sessions have SAVED my shoulder and posture. I am now pain and stress free during my workouts and sitting all day at work.

Brandon Leibowitz

Great place to become healthier and live a better lifestyle.

Friendly staff and supportive programs for all, not just athletes. You can even take your kids, too

Viju Panicker

for a healthy body and a sound mind visit COR

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