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COR Project Cornerstone Charity Boot Camp

At COR, we work on improving quality of the life. We strive on leaving a positive impression with each client, whether we are working with an injured athlete, general fitness client, or young child. Everyone has different interactions in their life, which many aren’t positive. Therefore, we want to be a positive outlet, no matter the hardships of the person.

Personally, I have not always been a positive person and shamefully admit I bullied some of my peers growing up. At the time, I thought it was funny and just part of being “one of the guys”, but now regret it. I wish someone would have identified my harmful behavior and helped me improve this flaw. As I age and work with thousands of patients and clients, I see the diversity of personalities in everyone. These differences make life interesting, entertaining, and a better place. As a child, I acted against those which were different. Now I realize, the importance of diversity, as creates a more fulfilling and interesting life, while making it a better place for everyone.

COR is excited to help Project Cornerstone, a group working on empowering young people and teaching effective skills for identifying bullying, expecting respect, and building champions. COR is offering a complimentary exercise class, with all donations going to Project Cornerstone.

Join us on March 1st at the Moreland Middle School Field at 1 pm. If you aren’t a regular exerciser or have young kids, don’t worry the class will be appropriate for all ages and fitness levels. Help us improve the lives of young people!

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 Project Cornerstone