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9 Tips for Finding a Boot Camp That is Best for You

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Finding a boot camp class that is best for you, can be challenging.  There are so many different types of there classes out there such as Zumba, Body Pump, CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates and much more.  Have you ever tried boot camp?  What do you think about when you hear boot camp?  You may be thinking military training.  This may scare you but boot camps are far from military training!  Boot camps are not designed to rewire you into lean, mean and fighting machines.  If you are having trouble finding a group exercise class, let me help explain why boot camps can help make your decision easy to make.

9 Tips for Finding a Boot Camp

1. Helps Build Confidence!

Are you afraid of exercising with a personal trainer?  There is nothing wrong with that!  If you are new to exercising then working with a boot camp can help ease your fear of exercising alone. I have heard some people say they just want to stand in the back and just get their exercises completed.  I know what it is like to be extremely shy!  Yes my COR people, I used to be shy, shocker right?  If you know that you are shy about exercising, boot camp is designed for you to have fun with a group of people working together as one to get the job done.  If anything, there may be people in the group that will help you become outgoing and help get you out of your shy bubble!

2. Multiple Weight Lifting Methods

Our bodies are very smart, they adapt to different stresses that we put on them.  With our bodies being so smart, doing the same things over and over will not help us in the long run.  At COR, we have our traditional weights days on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.  The boot campers get their own sheet that has different groups of exercises on it each day.  The program has how many sets and reps you are doing and helps you track the weight that you are lifting each week.  After 4-6 weeks, they get a new sheet that has new exercises on it. When we work out, the goal is to not only to get stronger or to lose weight.  Progressing to harder exercises such as building power, strength, endurance, speed and balance helps translate to everyday life movements.  Sure we want to get you bigger, stronger and faster but our main goal is to improve everyday movements.

3. Multiple Cardio Based Programs

When people think about cardio, they may think just running.  On Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays are our cardio based workouts.  Having a combination of both weight lifting and cardio go hand in had when trying to lose body fat and weight. There are so many methods of cardio that you can do.  To name some cardio methods we do at COR is:

  1. Tabata Training is when you pick an exercise for example squats.  You are doing 8 sets of :20/:10.  This involves you squatting as many reps as possible for 20 secs and then take a 10 sec rest, then repeat for 7 more sets.
  2. Circuit Training involves 3-5 exercises that are performed continuously until all of them are done, then you rest and repeat.
  3. As Many Rounds as Possible-This training principle is a great way to build endurance.  How you do this is by taking a group of exercises and you do as many rounds of these exercises in a specific number of time.

4. Enjoyable and Fun

Working out with a great group of people can be enjoyable and fun.  If you are not are not having fun, then there could be a good chance of you quitting. Exercising does not have to involve lifting weights for a certain amount of time or reps.  When you think about fun activities in the gym, what do you think that involves?  The 1st thing that comes to mind is games, challenges, and competitions.  These types of activities are not only fun to do, but they are good plateau busters for individuals.  At COR, we use all sorts of fun and interactive games that involves group or individual challenges.  Games are great for motivation especially if you are super competitive! If you feel like you are not enjoying what you are doing in the gym, get your butt to a boot camp and start haveing some fun!

5. Help with your Budget

Everybody has been on a budget in the past or have one now.  I have heard before that it is too expensive to work out.  For those people who have said that in the past, I have them tell me what they are spending their money on that is holding you back from exercising.  Of course, you take care of you and your family 1st but think about what unnecessary stuff you could cut back on.  When you sign up for either a boot camp or a personal trainer, you are making an investment on yourself! That is the best investment that you will ever make.  If you know that a personal trainer is out of the question towards your budget, boot camps are great for people to invest your money into.  If you put in your best effort every day in the gym, this will be the best investment that you will ever make!

6. Individualized Programing

If you did not know, every person’s body is different.  What my weaknesses are, might me your strengths.  If you are trying to gain weight, would you want a weight loss program?  The answer I hope is no.  Some boot camps might have everybody doing the same workout program and that is not totally a bad thing, but if you do not improve your weaknesses, then an injury can occur.  This is why individualized programming can decrease the risk of injury.  If you are someone whose posture needs fixing, then putting you through a crazy hard program is not the best way to address your needs.  Find out if your boot camp provides you free body fat or movement screening testing (FYI I have 10 free evaluations for the 1st 10 people to sign up).

7. Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Injury prevention and rehabilitation not only makes life more enjoyable, but it can keep your butt in the gym and working out.  Nobody wants to get hurt or stay hurt right?  Yes, I know rolling around on a baseball or foam roll is not the most enjoyable thing in the world but trust me that you do not want to get hurt.  At COR our trainers provide you with soft tissue work  before you work out and stretching after. Along with that, we give you exercises that will help improve posture and deficiencies so injuries may not occur in the future.

8. Fits your Schedule

What is great about boot camps is there are multiple classes that you can attend.  You also do not have to just go to one at a certain time. One day you might be going late and the next could be early.  If you are really dedicated in your goals, you will find a way to get a workout in. Even if you can not make it to a certain time, find a group of people that are in the same boat as you and find a way you can all make a new class time to help you get your workout in.

9. Work Out at your own Pace

Have you ever been to a new workout class and it seemed like everyone was super advanced?  You may be intimidated to work out but let me be the 1st to tell you that they have been in your shoes before.  Everybody was a beginner at some point.  You are not a beast in the gym the day you are born!  Working out takes time, practice and commitment.  The 1st step when joining a boot camp is to let the instructor know that it is you are new to exercise.  I love working with people, especially the rookies.  We are all a team,  we leave nobody behind.  If you get tired in the 1st minute, so what, we keep working and working until you get better.  Working out is all about baby steps. Rome was not built in a day.  Be patient and start off slowly.  Work your way up the ladder towards success.


Deciding to join a boot camp can be scary.  You should never think that you will not be able to do anything or keep up.  The goal of working out is to you feel good about yourself while achieving your goals.  It is important to know that working out takes time, consistency and commitment.  Would it not be great to get a great workout in with a group of fun people?  Get on your computer and check out Yelp and find a boot camp that is best for you!