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Are You Facing Your Fears? Fitness Motivation

Are You Facing Your Fears? Fitness Motivation

Have you ever wanted to try something new like a new sport, gym, workout or just something unfamiliar to you? They say starting is the hardest step and often we lack the fitness motivation from the start. Back in school when you had an essay to write, it was always difficult to sit down and focus. Once you have started, you probably finished writing it quickly. So, how do we overcome the uncharted waters? Be in control of your situation. Things are a lot less scary when you feel like you’re in control of what is going on around you. If you start a new workout, you have to research the technique, exercises, and technique. If it’s a sport familiarize yourself with it, learn the rules, watch a few games even. If it’s a new gym, go and check out the facility before your first workout. If you are working on improving your own swimming, or any sport, you have to research the technique or what else you’ll add to become faster. I know the unknown can be terrifying, it’s like when you’re first learning how to drive and you have to learn a whole new set of rules. After a few months of driving around, all those new rules become second nature. You don’t have to think about what you need to do like checking over your shoulder before merging or checking your surroundings every once in a while. Now it all seems so easy, but that’s because you learned and you’re in control of your own vehicle. So, now take control of your health and your fitness journey.

When you’re starting out with a new anything, do things that make you feel comfortable. It’s quite terrifying when you’ve been thrown into a new space, it’s like when you would get to class late and everyone stared at you while you walked in. We often lack the fitness motivation. That was always anxiety-inducing because you feel as if everyone is judging you, so when you walk into that new gym, remember you belong there. Walk in with confidence that you are there to get healthy and to get fit. You know what you are doing and even though it’s a new space the exercises you’ve done previously are not new. If you feel competent in your capabilities, then it makes you feel more confident and hopefully less out of place. Focus on what is in front of you, your workout, why you are there in the first place. That’s how you gain fitness motivation. Let’s say you’ve never been known as an athletic person, there’s always a new chance to change that. If you don’t know what an exercise is, ask around or ask a trainer. Everyone has started out at this step, the unknown. Everyone, even if they seem like they know it all, still has room to grow. Nobody starts out an expert at something, but through trial and error, they became knowledgeable. Focus on the quick improvements. Your workout increases your energy levels, maybe it makes you feel less stressed and helps you sleep better at night. If your exercises make you feel good, then it’ll make it more likely to stick it out, then eventually it won’t be so new.

Nobody likes to do things alone. Find one person that will either join you in your new journey or make a friend in your new environment. If you do something with someone, then it’s less likely you’ll flake on them because you committed to that person. If you just go to a class such as boot camp and just think you feel too tired, then you probably won’t go and then your excuses begin to pile up. If you commit to a personal trainer then you’ll feel even more committed because that person is there solely for you and you don’t want to waste their time and waste your money for canceling on them. Commitment is a strong emotional bond between you and someone else, whether that be your friend or your trainer. Whenever we’re in an uncomfortable situation we always want someone with us who makes us feel at ease, so grab a friend and go try out that class at the local gym you’ve been eyeing for months. Money is a great motivator for many of us. If you need a little motivation to get up or to continue your workouts, pay for it ahead of time. If you pay for something beforehand, then you won’t make excuses because you won’t be getting your money back so you should do whatever it is you paid for. If you’re trying out a class at your local gym or studio, then maybe just pay for the one class tomorrow morning. You’ve made a small commitment, but not such a big one that you’ll feel overwhelmed. You’re more likely to go to the class tomorrow morning because you’ve already paid for it and you don’t want to waste your money.

The way I see it is that you have two choices:

Stand up tall and face your fears or you can turn around and run the other way, the choice is yours.

If you are looking to get into a better routine and become healthier, we’re happy to help you on your journey 🙂