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Fixing Broken Spirits


“I Watched the Light Come Back Into His Eyes”

– David Vorbora

Can an athlete have anything in common with a War Veteran?  A former NFL player was injured and led him to become addicted to pain medication. Thankfully, he cleaned up his life and opened a gym for elite athletes. The journey of improving his life continues when he gets to know a veteran who had become addicted to heroine due to the extreme physical pain he faced after having his legs amputated. This inspired the NFL player, David Vobora, to open his gym for other veterans who have had multiple amputations. Now, there is a thriving group of men and women who are not just bettering their bodies, but have a much needed community of support.

David Vobora’s used his experiences to step into the gap of other people’s lives.  Not all of us have the means to help others on such a massive scale like David Vobora, but there is much to cultivate from his example.

Lets remember to stand in the gap for others this week. This means if you see there is a need, fill it. Do this not  just for them, but for your own well being as well. There are plenty of small way to help others.

8 Ways to Help Out During Workouts

1.Be helpful – If someone drops their individualized workout sheet, pick it up for them. If they drop

2. Sharing is caring – be generous with your time and what you own. In the pool, if someone is looking for a kickboard, consider sharing. In the weightroom, if someone needs a bench, try lending them yours.

3. Give a compliment – Giving a compliment is another way of telling someone that they are seen and cared for and not forgotten. In your workout, if someone is doing something well, give them a compliment!

4. Say thank you – Many people have jobs and tasks that get unrecognized. Be sure to be aware and thank them. The front desk (:)) The trainers, others in your practice, anyone who helped you be better.

5. Push Yourself – Setting a good example can increase the workout experience for others and help them throughout the day.

6. Clean after yourself – Cleaning after yourself does multiple items. 1) It keeps the facility clean which increases many others enjoyment. 2) A clean facility is a safe facility, putting things away makes it safe and secure for others. 3) It provides self-worth. These small tasks can improve your own sense of accomplishments.

7. Be encouraging – If you see a friend or teammate struggling to push themselves then encourage them. If you see that they have a look of disappointment, provide some kind words and lift their spirits.

8. Show up – Just showing up can build accountability for a friend, helping them reach their goals. Find an accountability buddy.

Let an act of kindness and goodness for someone other than yourself to better your health today!