For Valued Friends And Family Members Of COR Clients Who Are Currently “Un-healthy” And Have So Far Failed To Find A Solution

“Here’s What Any Client Of COR Can EASILY Do To Help Make Friends (And Family Members) “HEALTHY” Again, With Little Effort Required And NO  Money Needed”

What To Do Next…

Simply Email This Web-Page Right Now… And Ask Him Or Her To Look Below At All Of The Different “Tips” Sheets (Made By John) An
d Choose The One Which Is Closest To Where It Hurts Most…

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More About The Person You’ll Be Helped By…

John Headshot 2Every week, for more than a decade, 100s of people have consulted John Mullen looking for answers to concerning questions about, and for a fast end to their aches, pains, and injuries. John is now a trusted health advisor to Swimming World, the Philippines Sports Commission.

John Mullen works with people aged 30-64+ daily, is involved in the research of neck, shoulder, knee, low back and much more. He writes about injuries for Breaking Muscle and continues to lecture extensively on the topic throughout the US. John previously worked with Stanford University, helping their sports team stay healthy and strong.