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7 Tips to Stay Healthy During Halloween!

healthy during halloween

“At this point, my blood type is pumpkin spice”

COR healthy during halloween

The days are getting cooler and leaves are falling, but perhaps the best telltale sign that autumn is here is one we are all too familiar with: the scent of pumpkin spice! These days, almost every food item has a pumpkin flavor added to it: pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin crackers, pumpkin-flavored almonds, and even pumpkin beer! Of course, if there is pumpkin around, caramel and whipped cream usually accompany it. Don’t be bamboozled into thinking that pumpkin-flavored items somehow make them healthier options.

What can we do to help us focus on our goals to stay healthy when all of these products are literally shoved in our faces? The media plays a big role in influencing our purchasing decisions, and being aware of this can help us combat these unhealthy temptations. We can barely walk a block without seeing a handful of advertisements trying to lure us with pumpkin-enhanced treats. Know how they play their game so you won’t be played.

Looking for tips on how to beat fall-flavored cravings? Follow these 7 tips to stay healthy during Halloween!

1) Eat More Protein

Eating more protein before Halloween night will reduce your cravings for sugary and sweet items. Try sipping on a protein drink or eating some hard boiled eggs before Halloween night and stay full to avoid the sugar crave to stay healthy during Halloween.

2) Embrace Other Halloween Activities  

Going Trick or Treating with your kids can be healthy (walking is a great exercise!), but don’t forget other acitivies this fall. Try going on a haunted hike, visit a local pumpkin farm, or go for a walk on a breezy day – it doesn’t have to be just about food to stay healthy during Halloween!

3) Treat Yo Self (Thanks Parks and Recs)

Treating yo self can be a nice way to stay healthy during Halloween too! Just, check for real ingredients because certain coffee shops use artificial flavors. Ask for almond milk if possible, as it is 10 calories less than lowfat milk, and skip the whipped cream. Remember to look at the ingredients! Sorry Starbucks, but Peet’s beats you at making a healthier pumpkin latte. Another option is to simply add pumpkin spice to your dishes or make some Pumpkin Chili [Coach Chris’ favorite back office snack].

4) Make Your Own Snacks

The best way to stay healthy during Halloween is to make your own snacks. The link attached is NOT Coach Chris approved! He would probably tell you to eat celery and run 5 miles instead…just kidding…maybe In all seriousness, try to limit the amount of sugar in recipes or substitute it with Stevia.

5) Opt for Healthier Options

When planning for meals and snacks, opt for healthy options. It is fine to grab a snack here and there, but plan for real meals and snacks so you don’t overindulge on unhealthy options. 

6) Get InvolvedCOR Lupus Walk

The fall has tons of healthy activities to stay healthy! Join a community garden for a physically, socially, and nutritionally healthier activity! At COR, we had a group make the Walk to End Lupus (you can still donate to team COR). 

7) Ask For Advice [Coach Chris]

There is no shame for asking for help! Whether you need to burn some more calories [contact us for our Halloween 3 Personal Training sessions for $99] or find healthy substitutes [contact us for a nutritional consultation with Coach Chris]. Don’t hesitate to call (408) 905-6483, we can help, you just have to ask 🙂

Summary of 7 Tips to Stay Healthy During Halloween

There’s nothing like being outside on a windy day with a scarf around your neck, cozy Uggs on your feet, and a nice hot pumpkin latte (with almond milk, of course) in your hand. Even though it’s nice to yo self once in a while, we can’t forget about exercise! If you’re the type that likes to go outdoors, don’t let unpredictable weather stop you! Find exercises that can be done either indoors or outdoors. Anything that gets you moving is a step in the right direction! COR hopes that you’ll enjoy the season while finding creative ways to stay active.