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Invent Your Astounding Capabilities


“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” –Thomas Edison

The possible (and likely) reality that you and I are settling for less than our greatest abilities, I find to be one of the most disappointing yet deeply motivating truths.

It’s easy coming from the greatest inventor of all time, right? However, over 1000 patented inventions didn’t come easy – the start is simply allowing ourselves to do the things we are capable of, despite what we think we cannot. 

Limits are life’s greatest lie.

We are unique in our possession of the power to persevere despite facing adversity, to make directional adjustments throughout the journey, and tap into our inherent creativity to accomplish our goals no matter the feat…then accomplishing more… after accomplishing more, and doing it again.

The next ingenious, life-altering, technological advancement very well could be between your ears. For the rest of us that aren’t quite there yet – it doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t make an impact.

Fulfilling our capabilities comes in many forms. 

For me, my body is my invention – constantly engaged in enriching my every experience. It’s an art enjoyed and found through the endless possibilities that can be developed through exercise, sport and technical precision, optimal nutrition, discovering ideal sleep patterns, mastering and understanding the most influential habits, and practicing the art mentality.

Inventions, art, and innovation – it can lie on a canvas, machinery, or in yourself. Maybe it’s your time to try a triathlon, to go forth with that crazy business idea, sign up for a race, learn how to swim, experiment with a new recipe.

Test the boundaries. Push the limits. Invent history.

The possibilities of what you can do and achieve are undoubtedly endless.

Edison’s quote is a reminder that within each of us is the power and ability to reach remarkable goals. Here’s the real question – how do we “know what we are capable of”? 

Settling for anything less is only robbing you of opportunities. What are you doing this week to astound yourself? 

Edison has too much motivation to stop here. Edison’s quotes through his innovative quest can as easily be said to how we improve our health. It all starts with asking the right question – but what is that? Next Monday’s motivation will tell you!

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Written by Amanda Presgraves. Amanda is a senior Kinesiology major, Division I student-athlete and entrepreneur at James Madison University. As an advocate of health and personal growth, she’s on a constant pursuit to optimize life and inspire others through her commitment to healthy living. If you can’t find Amanda bouncing between the classroom, pool, kitchen, or volunteering, you can find her online as she continues to lead and motivate others towards a happier and improved life at COR through her article contributions, newsletters and community motivation. (@amandapgraves, linkedin).