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Looking to keep your kids active and healthy, while building

educational and nutritional independence? The COR Kids Athletic Development Program (KADP) is currently taking applicants for the 2014 summer program. Designed specifically for athletes aged 9 – 14, this 7-week program facilitates athletic development, through evidence-based educational and motivational programs. 

Unlike other summer camps, the COR KADP provides fun, practical, educational tools to teach kids why activity and nutrition are essential for optimal sports performance and health. All participants must bring a sack lunch, water, shorts, beach towel, t-shirt, and gym shoes. 

Each participant receives a complimentary COR t-shirt and each session includes two complimentary nutritional snacks. Classes run from 11 AM – 3 PM. 

Sign  your kids up today and see the COR difference! Also, if you have an older athlete (15+ years) looking for mentoring or involvement in a health field, contact us for becoming a COR KADP Assistant!

One Week Program Individual 

Three Week Program Individual 

Seven Week (Full) Program Individual 

One Week Program Sibling 

Three Week Program Sibling 

Seven Week (Full) Program Sibling 


  • June 16 – 20th: Emphasis on balance, coordination and warm-up.
  • June 23 – 26th: Learning exercise technique, biomechanics, and nutrition.
  • July 7 – 10th: The lower body fundamentals and injury prevention.
  • July 14 – 17th: The upper body fundamentals and different types of training.
  • July 21 – 24th: Core training, and recovery, sleep, life balance.
  • August 4 – 7th: Speed, agility, and learning the body systems.
  • August 11 – 14th: Developing motivation and the aerobic system. 

Example Daily Summer Camp Schedule 

11:00 am Check in and Nutritional Snack (provided) 
11:15 am Comprehensive Dynamic Warm-Up 
11:30 am Introduce Workout of the Day (WOD) 
11:45 am Workouts 
2:30 pm Confidence Building and Self-Evaluation 
12:45 pm Lunch/Water/Educational Session 
1:30 pm Refocus on WOD 
2:00 pm Educational Review 
2:20 pm Cool Down 2:40 pm Snack (provided) and Wrap-up
3:00 pm Check out and pick-up 


“Thank you again for the DRY-LAND TRAINING offered by COR to our daughter since she started the personalized dry-land with you last September of 2012. At first we just want her to have dry-land with you to reduce the risk of swimming related injuries but we observed that she started to develop exceptional start, stroke and turn techniques through increased strength and flexibility. And the last one we notice with our daughter is her Dry- Land training with COR that enhance her self confidence. We believe that the dry side of the physical curriculum is of COR is just as important as the wet side. COR’s huge contribution of our daughter’s success in swimming: Her dream to be in the TOP 10 NATIONAL AGE GROUP RANKING IN LONG COURSE (11, she train hard and now she achieve some of her goals.” 
–Cynthia Oliva, mother of Nicole Oliva