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Personal Training in Sunnyvale

Are you out of breath walking the Sunnyvale Farmer’s Market? Are the restaurants on Murphy street too hard to pass up? Weight loss is an issue all around the world and Sunnyvale weight loss issues aren’t any different.

In the past, the typical weight loss journey looked like this:

  • Months 0-6: Add 20 lbs Net increase 20 lbs
  • Months 6-12: Add another 10-20 lbs Net increase 40 lbs
  • Months 12-18: Join a 24-Hour Fitness or do home workouts, lose 5 lbs, despite busting your hump each day Net increase 35 lbs
  • Months 18-24: Get frustrated and stop your membership at the gym as you stopped going a few months ago…add another 20 lbs Net increase 55 lbs
  • Months 24-30: Join a weight loss program (Weight Watchers, the next online fad, etc.) and lose 15 lbs. Net increase 40 lbs
  • Months 30-36: Realize the nutrition program (ie Weight Watchers) is too restrictive when birthday parties, holidays, etc. pop up. Gain another 10 lbs. Net increase 50 lbs

After 3 years, many people have spent >$1000 and more importantly, have increased an average of 50 lbs!!

Over those 3 years, you may have noticed the following:

  1. Joint and muscle pain from inactivity and extra body stress
  2. Metabolic stress, leading to diabetes or pre-diabetes
  3. Sleep disturbance, sleep apnea, and other cardiac issues
  4. Depression from low self-esteem and low self-worth and disgust with oneself for repeated failure

COR utilizes our novel health and fitness lifestyle. Our diagnostic process will give you the exact timeline for your goal weight loss and we will help you stick to a plan that includes:

  • Realistic workouts
  • Easy to make and tasty meals
  • The ability to eat anything you want and lose weight 

I know these seem extreme, but we see them ALL the time and are here to help!

Let’s go through a few case examples:

Are looking for a knowledgeable team and not just someone who became certified online in an hour like Partha?

Do you dread going to the gym like Stuti:

Do you have pain that needs to be resolved before starting your larger health and fitness journey like Anne?

Yes, you can be our next success story, but it begins with the hardest first step, initiating a meeting. We’ve taken away the financial risk, as this is a free meeting, but we will be an emotional investment. Our novel diagnostic approach will take a deep look inside to make sure you’d be a good fit!

Still unsure? Read some of our >100 5-star Google reviews.

If you think you’d be a good fit, click here to sign up!