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Physical Therapy in Cupertino

Are you having pain walking around Main Street Cupertino? Having pain at your Cupertino Pioneer or Monta Vista Matador practices? Our physical therapy near Cupertino is here to help!

COR is a modern physical therapy approach to help your lifestyle. 

In the past, the typical injury timeline looked like this:

  • Week 0-2: Wait a few weeks and see if the pain goes away
  • Week 2-3: Pop some Advil and see if that helps
  • Week 3-5: If you still have pain, schedule with your physician (PCP) ($30 co-pay)
  • Week 5-6: Get referred for imaging (x-ray, MRI) ($100 co-pay)
  • Week 6-8: Be given exercises, medication, and rest ($45 for medication)
  • Week 8-10: Return to your PCP, get another image (MRI) ($30 co-pay)
  • Week 10-12: Be referred to physical therapy
  • Week 12: See a physical therapist

After 12 weeks (that’s 3 months), many people have spent >$200 and more importantly, aren’t feeling any better!!

Over those 3 months, the following issues begin:

  1. You move differently and have muscle imbalances which can take longer to fix/create new injuries
  2. Worsening the initial injury due to improper care
  3. Modified your life/hobbies resulting…
  4. Depression, because pain creates depression when you are unable to do the things you love! 

Our diagnostic process will give you the exact timeline for recovery (so you can plan, budget, etc.) AND for injuries addressed within the first 2 weeks, we have an industry low of 6.7 sessions until being pain-free! 

You SHOULD be skeptical, but these are the numbers we’ve had at our clinic for the past 10 years!

Let’s go through a few case examples from our previous patients:

Have you been dealing with back pain for years? Learn about Carol’s story:

Are you a parent or an athlete yourself, learn about Riley’s story:

Oh are you too young for injuries and sick of dealing with them like Kaila?

Still unsure? Read some of our >100 5-star Google reviews.

If you made it this far, I know you can be the next success story, because you are committed and commitment is needed for success!

Please book a time here to chat with our team to get you scheduled ASAP and stop the delays!

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