COR Postural Assessment

Having Character, Optimism, and Resilience, gives you COR. However, poor posture can negatively influence all these areas.

Whether you are a CEO working 80 hours a week competing in life, you need to take of of your success for peak performance and longevity.

If you are a professional athlete competing in your sport, you put are looking for peak performance, but also need to think about your long-term health and the plan after sport.

At COR, you are more than an athlete.  Not only will we analyze your sport, picking out the main current limitations for sporting success, but takes a look at the big picture for long-term health and success.

Whether you are competing in life or competing in sport, posture plays a vital role in success. If you are unsure if your posture is influencing your success in life or sport, simply submit a photo and get a complimentary individualized postural analysis.

  • Fix Forward Head Position
  • Remove Rounded Shoulders
  • Fix Sway Back
  • Improve Your Body Alignment
  • Improve Your Performance in Sport
  • Improve Your Performance in Life
  • Improve Your Performance in Your Career


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