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Top 10 Health and Fitness Tech at the 2016 CES

2016 CES tech

Las Vegas hosted the world’s largest consumer tech show in January. The Consumer Electronics Show revealed the latest in technology, convenience and automotive concepts. If you weren’t one of the more than 150,000 people who attended, you can still see the latest tech for health and fitness. The top 10 health and fitness tech gadgets at the 2016 CES will improve your comfort, performance, and your health.

Here are the Top 10 health and fitness gadgets revealed at the Sin City 2016 CES show that will revolutionize your health and fitness goals. You won’t find shaky pedometers here.

Top 10 Health and Fitness Tech at the 2016 CES

1. Altra IQ Smart Shoes

Not of all of us who run have someone next to us watching our stride, biomechanics and habits. Now your shoes can coach you. The Altra IQ Shoes use sensors and a smartphone app to evaluate your run. The shoe monitors your running habits and provides you with data about your run. The technology helps runners identify problem areas and habits to improve performance, endurance and body mechanics.

2.Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit needs an image boost lately. Is the Fitbit Blaze the answer to the company’s troubles? Fitbit revealed the Blaze at the 2016 CES with the hopes to do just that. The Fitbit Blaze it a GPS-enabled wearable device that tells time, monitors your heartrate, and allows you to see your smartphone activity. The cost for the Blaze is $199.


LEVL is a gadget that tests your breath to see if your body is burning fat or not. The gadget is designed to detect acetone in your breath, which is the result of ketosis (fat-burning state). The LEVL creators claim the device allows users to make better choices about fitness and diet. The company is still waiting for FDA approval before LEVL is available to the public.

4. Lumo Run

Lumo Run has fitness clothing for men and women. This Bay Area team (headquartered in Palo Alto, CA) was founded by Stanford entrepreneurs. Men’s shorts and women’s capris have a sensor sewn in the waistband to track your run, pelvic tilt and pelvic rotation, ground contact time, bounce, cadence, and stride length. When you use your headphones, you can get coaching about your form when you are running. 

5. Masimo MightySat

Masimo’s device looks a lot like the sensor the hospital places on your finger to measure your oxygen levels. The Masimo MightySat attaches to your finger to measure oxygen saturation, perfusion index, pulse, and more. Physicians use it and now athletes can too to improve training and performance.

6. OMbra

OMbra is a smart bra. The OMbra has sensors embedded in the bra that allow women to track their performance, fatigue, distance, pace and heart rate. The bra sends a comprehensive evaluation of a workout so users can increase stamina, boost performance and create stronger routines.

7. Slendertone Connect Abs

Slendertone is a toning gadget for men and women. The FDA-approved belt wraps around your waist and uses electrical muscle stimulation to create abdominal definition and core strength. The contractions mimic your body’s natural movements when working the core. The device sends information to your smartphone about your progress and definition programs.

If you don’t want to send electrical currents through your body, contact COR about abdominal routines.

8. Skulpt Chisel

The Skulpt company earned the CES 2016 Innovation Award for the Chisel. The device measures body fat and muscle condition of 24 different muscles. Skulpt claims the information allows users to tailor their workout routines for optimal body health and workout results. The cost for the device is $99.

9. Solos

Solos cycling glasses are military-grade glasses designed to fit with your helmet when you are on the road. The ergonomic lenses reduce wind resistance and provide wearers with a real-time evaluation of each ride. The lenses display a litany of performance statistics: RPM, heartrate, speed, incline, power, time and distance.

10. VERT

Athletes can use VERT to improve their jumping distance. VERT is a wearable jump monitor that provides athletes with real-time jump analytics to improve their performance and to prevent injuries.

Don’t wait for the latest tech and gadgets, get in the gym and/or get moving and work hand-in-hand with the new technology of 2016.