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Swimming - 16th FINA World Championships: Day Fourteen

“You can’t TRY to do things, you must simply DO them”

– Ray Bradbury

What’s Important NOW. W.I.N.

So many people desire greatness, but declaring a goal doesn’t mean it will automatically happen. Whatever “it” may be – you must always show up with the time, energy, heart and soul.

Don’t’ feel like it? What does “feeling” like doing it have to do with anything? So what if you don’t feel like it. Show up and do it. You made a promise. It is called discipline.

Discipline yourself to develop a sense of mastery and the ability to swap your inner dialogue when deciding what you need to do from “how do I feel” to “what’s important now” –  take the necessary actions right now to get the job done. You aren’t just going to “try”, you are going to “do”.

Take the action right now to DO IT!

When ‘you don’t feel like it’ this week, what is the one important action you can take right at that very moment to help you reach your goal?
Written by Amanda Presgraves, COR Intern. Learn more about the COR Internship.