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‘Win’ at Boot Camp with these 5 tips


“The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.”  – Coach: Bobby Knight for U.S.A. men’s basketball, 1984 gold medal; a pre-NBA Michael Jordan was a key player on the team.

How can we at COR prepare ourselves to “win”?   There are no Gold Medals handed out at COR, but you do get to ring the bell every time you complete your sheet! A Gold Medal at COR may equate to completing a repetition. For some people,  it may mean completing many exercises.  It may be being consistent about coming 3 times a week. Or perhaps winning, means being able to keep up better with the group than the day before. The opportunity to win is great here. Below are some tips to help you be a winner.

1. First, think about mental preparation. They don’t call it boot camp for nothing! Boot camp is hard and requires a can-do attitude. Concentrate on why you want to come to boot camp in the first place. Go ahead and think or write down some positive results from exercise and boot camp. Check yourself at the door. That means forgetting about the negative things that happened today. Don’t focus on the stressful things you have to deal with at home. Stay in the moment! Know that this is your time to better yourself because now is the only thing you can control.

2. Stay hydrated. Your muscles are 75% water so remember to drink water 1-2 hours before boot camp. If you come in the morning, right when you wake-up, drink some water! It will help your body regulate body its  temperature, lubricate the joints, and distribute nutrients throughout the body. Not getting enough water may cause fatigue, cramping, dizziness, and longer periods of recovery time for your body. Looking for an alternative for electrolytes? Try coconut water is a refreshing natural way to stock up on electrolytes.

3. Be sure to do mobility! Mobility is the ability to move a limb through its whole range of motion in a controlled manner. Coming on time to boot camp will give you enough time to concentrate on  mobility.  Mobility is very important for injury prevention as well as improve and maintain range of motion. When a joint becomes compromised, surrounding joints take on the responsibility, which creates stress for them. Without mobility, the stress on the body will spread to other parts of the body. Don’t ignore these stressors and try to tough it out. Let your personal trainer know what your body is feeling so they can help you. That’s what they are there for!

5. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR TRAINER! The COR trainers will help you to do the exercises and stretches correctly, which helps prevent injury. Not only that, but paying attention will help distract you from the pain you will feel.

5. Remember to breathe properly. When you breathe the air travels to your lungs to the alveoli, which are air sacs. Now that the blood has become oxygen rich, it travels to the heart to be distributed to the rest of the body. Our red blood cells take in the oxygen and distribute it to the rest of the body. Exhaling gets rid of the toxic carbon dioxide. Your breathing pattern ensures your muscles will work properly. For example, slow and controlled breathing is the proper way to breathe when stretching because it helps muscles to relax and lengthen. When you are lifting weights, remember to exhale so there is the most effort for movement.

Remember, the key to “winning” is preparation. Showing up on time and working your hardest is important, but your preparation will dictate how hard you can work. The best ways to prepare is to have the right attitude and being smart about caring for your body, and listening to your trainer.